September digital marketing round-up

The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in September 2018

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Welcome one and all to the latest instalment of Ricemedia’s Digital Marketing Round-Up! September has been and gone which means Autumn is here, as the clocks go back and the nights draw in. As ever, September was a busy month throughout the world as Amazon followed Apple in becoming valued at a trillion dollars, Naomi Osaka shocked the world by beating Serena Williams at the US Open, Game of Thrones swept the Emmy awards once more, co-founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from the company and rapper Kanye West changed his name to “Ye”. The Ricemedia office continued to grow as we welcomed Danny, Emma and Katie to the team! Meanwhile, the world of SEO, Digital PR, PPC and Social Media continued to tick by. It’s time to get comfy, grab a cuppa and see what you missed during September.

1. Google Celebrated 20 Years of Search

Search is officially 20-years-old! On 27th September, Google celebrated its 20th birthday. To the mark the search engine growing out of its teenage years, Google introduced a load of new features to refresh its user experience. These ranged from organising search results better to bringing us Instagram Stories-styles presentation for certain content. Find out more here.


Google 20th Birthday


2. New Google Image Search desktop design

The Google 20th anniversary changes included a new design for Image Search. This design matches the mobile update that took place back in March. The update will show more context around the images and the title of where each image is published. Related search terms will also be at the top of the page giving more guidance to the user. Find out more here.


Google's new image search design


3. Instagram considering creating their own e-commerce app

As more people start to advertise their products on Instagram, it is no surprise that the social giants are looking at creating their own standalone e-commerce app. The Facebook-owned channel is reportedly working on an app that will allow users to browse and directly purchase items through Instagram. There has been no official confirmation of this just yet. Find out more about these rumours right here.


Instagram shopping app


4. Google confirms new small Search Ranking Algorithm update 

Google’s core algorithm is updated all the time but now and again, smaller updates are released. Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed that on 27th September, a smaller update was released after some websites discovered a drop in their rankings. As ever, the usual advice from Google is to ensure that you should keep making your site better. Find out more here.

screenshot of Danny Sullivan on Twitter


5. Our own Laura Hogan was a speaker at BrightonSEO 

A few members of the Ricemedia team trekked to the south coast to take in the knowledge on show at BrightonSEO. Our very own Director of Search, Laura Hogan took to the stage armed with Great British Bake Off GIFs and insightful tips on “How To Use Your Competitors Links For Freeeeee”. Check out her invaluable tips below:


6. EU approves controversial copyright directive 

The European Parliament has approved very restrictive copyright laws that will affect user-generated content and companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. The two laws approved include Article 11 which requires permission and licensing fees when snippets of content are used. Article 13 was also approved, which would require all websites to monitor copyright infringement aggressively or face potential action. Essentially, all future content looks set to be scanned before being allowed for uploading. You can read about the potentially negative impact right here.


new EU directives on Article 11 and 13


7. Nike Colin Kaepernick campaign success

Nike’s “Just Do It” 30th anniversary campaign with Colin Kaepernick was considered controversial by some people. The man who took a knee during the US national anthem at NFL matches was seen to be taking a political stance against institutionalised racism. However, despite threats of boycotts the sports giant are enjoying the success it has given them. Sales jumped by 31% during Labor Day weekend, compared to 17% for the same period in 2017. Some are now wondering if other brands will take their own political stance in future PR campaigns. Find out more here.


Nike and Colin Kaepernick


8. We discovered the Top 5 Habits of a Successful Account Manager

A digital marketing account manager is a unique individual. Their lives are dedicated to looking after their clients and ensuring they are happy with the work they sign up for. We wondered what makes them stand out from the crowd. During September, our blog explored just that with the Top 5 Habits of a Successful Account Manager.


top habits of an account manager


9. Google adds Smart Bidding for Search Partners

Google announced that auctions on search partner sites can use Smart Bidding instead of smart pricing when conversion tracking has been set up. They say that Smart Bidding can offer better performance because it takes into account relevant signals “to optimise bids for each and every auction”. The aim is to maximise conversions at a similar cost per conversion on Google Search. You can find out more here.


smart bidding added for search partners


10. Facebook now allows ads in Stories

Facebook stories have a prominent place on the social network’s news feed. It is no wonder advertisers are looking to get their ads into these spaces. After an initial test in three countries (US, Mexico and Brazil) back in May, Facebook have expanded this availability worldwide with similar ad options to Instagram stories. With 300 million people now viewing Facebook stories every day, it is becoming a must to promote in this space. Find out more here.


facebook stories to include ads