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Image Size Guide for Social Media

Let’s just assume you’re reading this post on your mobile phone or computer during working hours or on your lunch break. As you sit here scrolling through this blog post, let me quickly remind you that as a nation, we currently spend more than five years of our lives on social media In this time,…

Google AdWords Match Types: Best Practices

Getting to grips with the various keyword match types in AdWords is key to running a successful PPC campaign. But understanding all the terminology associated with PPC can be challenging – and match types are no exception. In this brief guide, I outline the advantages and disadvantages of each keyword match type and the reasons…

BrightonSEO April 2017: Key Takeaways & Slides

Brighton SEO April 2017, was bigger and better than ever before, with a host of new speakers covering hot topics such as AI, Voice Search, Mobile First and Local SEO.

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