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Results Driven Strategies

Our Birmingham SEO, PPC and Social Media teams are driven by one thing: results.  Social engagement, SEO rankings and CPC reductions on PPC are fantastic, but only if these lead to revenue for your company.  We focus on your pain points, priority products/services and those which convert; putting these at the forefront of your strategy.

Digital Experts

You’re in safe hands with Ricemedia.

We’re proud to support and speak at many industry events such as SearchLondon, BrightonSEO, Digital Olympus and InternetRetailingExpo.  We’ve been awarded Google Premier Partner status for our Paid Search work, and are a Sprout Social Partner for our Social Media work.

In addition to our Account Managers, we have specialists in Technical SEO, Digital PR, Outreach, Content, Paid Search and Social Media: all of which can input on your account.

From The Heart Of Birmingham

You’ll tell from the accents that our digital marketing agency was born and bred in Birmingham: it’s where our headquarters is and hearts will always be.  We’re proud to have the largest SEO agency in Birmingham, but that doesn’t stop us from servicing clients across the country.  

Many of our clients are London based, and with an additional space in Stephen Street, our team are often in the capital.

We also have a number of international clients, so are frequently devising strategies for across the pond and beyond. 

Who Do We Work With?

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