The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in October 2018

The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in October 2018

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Welcome once more to Ricemedia’s Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up! Another month bit the dust as October came and went with its spooky Halloween end. The push towards Christmas well and truly begins – have you started your Christmas shopping yet? October was another eventful month as Banksy’s £1m artwork “Girl With Balloon” shredded in the auction house, Jodie Whittaker made her debut as the first female lead in Doctor Who, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were going to be parents and one lucky American won $1.6 billion dollars on the lottery – what would you do with all that money? The office has been wowed by the new Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody which opened in cinemas during October. Meanwhile, it was yet another busy month in the world of Digital Marketing. Don’t stop us now and grab a cuppa as we look back at what happened in SEO, Digital PR, PPC and Social Media during October.

 1. Google+ is Shutting Down 

It’s only seven-years-old but Google has decided close its social network, Google+. It surprised nobody when the announcement was made because G+ had an average user session of just five seconds. However, an unfixable privacy bug was ultimately the final nail in its coffin. G+ once had an impact on Google search which Search Engine Land explored during October.

google+ closing down


2. Search Budgets moving to Amazon from Google

Agency executives have revealed that advertisers are shifting large percentages of Search budgets from Google to Amazon – some moving up to 50% of their budget. Amazon has been slowly building its Ad Business with reported sales of $2bn last quarter. It is still a long way off Google’s $23bn ad revenue but Amazon’s ad programs are proving irresistible for merchants and brand selling. Find out more here.

advertising money moving from google to amazon


3. New Predefined Landing Page Reports in Google Ads

Having been accessible before in the landing pages section, two predefined landing page reports are now being added to Report Editor. These include the landing pages report and expanded landing pages report. The move means advertisers can easily manipulate and chart data for use on custom dashboards. Find out how this all works here.

google ads


4. We had a pick at Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is an artificially intelligent algorithm that crawls websites to give users the most relevant search results. Because of this, it is the third-most important ranking factor in Search. So What is RankBrain exactly and how does it affect SEO? We delved deep into its mind to find out.

google rankbrain explained


5. You can now follow businesses on Google Maps

Have you ever wanted a quick way of keeping up with a local business? Well, Google have introduced the perfect feature. Working in a similar way to how Facebook users follow business pages, users will receive notifications on events, offers and other updates in the “For you” tab. Find out how this all works and what else you can do right here.

You can now follow businesses on Google Maps


6. Twitter Loses 9 million monthly active users

The Q3 2018 report from Twitter showed that the monthly active user (MAUs) count had dropped by 9 million. The MAUs fell from 335 million to 326 million. This was expected as Twitter got to work on removing spammy and suspicious accounts alongside preventing new ones. With more MAUs losses expected in the next quarter, there is no concern as Twitter remains an active social media platform. Find out more here.

twitter loses 9 million active users


7. We shared our tips on how to create a PR campaign on a budget

A good Digital PR campaign doesn’t have to break the bank and we proved it. During October, we explored How to Create a Winning Digital PR Campaign on a Budget which contains must-see tips and invaluable free tools for all Digital PR strategies. Find out all you need to know over on our blog.

pr campaigns on a budget


8. We discovered a Great Resource Page Link Building Guide

The guys over at Schumacher Marketing created an amazing guide on Resource Link Building. Resource Pages are a great tactic in link building as you can target topics and provide helpful links for users. This guide will help you take your great content and experience little resistance in your link outreach activities. We’ll be taking their tips on board!

We discovered a Great Resource Page Link Building Guide


9. Google Ads Brings New Features to Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

New features added to Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool on Google Ads now allow agencies and businesses to see who is seeing their ads. A great advantage of these new updates also allows for immediate actions to fix issues with ads not being shown. Find out how it all works right here.

Google Ads Brings New Features to Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool


10. Google celebrated Halloween with an online multiplayer game

Forget Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Red Dead Redemption II, Google released the best game of October 2018. The Great Ghoul Duel was the first online multiplayer game created for a Google Doodle. Up to eight people could compete in teams to collect as many spirit flames as possible in two minutes. The most ambitious Google Doodle game ever certainly had our office addicted! If you missed it, you can still play it here.

Google Doodle Halloween 2018