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The Best PR Stunts of 2017 So Far

PR is a great way to strengthen business relationships, increase brand awareness & enhance your Google Rankings. We all know that a good PR campaign will forever go down in history – take the DeBeer’s Diamond Engagement Ring for example! Here are the best PR stunts of 2017 so far.

January: Cafe accepts exercise as payment

Luxury gym brand, David Lloyd Clubs, created a cafe with a difference in January 2017, during the hype of the ‘New Year New Me’ phase. 

To tackle the nation’s weight problem, they opened a cafe where customers pay for their food in exercise rather than money. Once the customer had chosen their healthy lunch, they were then given a list of exercises to do to pay it off. A few jumping jacks for a BLT seems like a fair swap in our opinion! 

The Cafe, named ‘Run for your Bun’, was a success and their ‘Pay as you Row’ scheme earned the brand national coverage.
Run for your Bun PR campaign

February: BrewDog offers puppy parental leave

Draft beer specialist brewery, BrewDog, have always put dogs at the forefront of their minds. Even allowing employees to bring their dogs into work with them. So it was a natural step to allow employees puppy parental leave, especially at a time when puppers are clearly ruling Social Media. 

Puppy parental leave is given to employees who have recently taken on a rescue dog. They will be given a week’s paid leave to help the dog settle into their forever home and have the time to bond with each other.

The campaign hit headlines across the nation in February 2017.

Rescue pupper PR


March: Guinness Doughnut for St Patrick’s day

To celebrate St Paddy’s day and all things Irish; the most Irish thing of all, Guinness, made their drink into something better. That’s right, a Doughnut

St Patrick’s day, which was on 17th March 2017, gave Guinness the chance to expand their offering by dipping into the food market. And by joining up with a local Dublin-based bakery, they gave visitors of their Ireland capital based brewery a chance to try more than just the drink.

The stunt, whilst not gaining huge amounts of coverage, showed a great pairing for the bakery, Aungier Danger, who teamed up with the drinks brand giant to create this festive campaign. This saw their news piece being shared on publications all over the internet, with links back to the Guinness website. If only they’d sent us a few free doughnuts… 

Guinness doughnuts PR stunt


April: Goggle Boxing with Frank Bruno and son

To promote the much-anticipated fight of the year between Joshua and Klitschko, Frank Bruno and son were taken on to teach the UK a new type of Boxing. Goggle Boxing.

This was a nice take on the channel 4 based TV show, Gogglebox. The video shows the father and son duo preparing for a night on the sofa watching the big fight.

The video was created by TV and Broadband provider, TalkTalk, to promote their offering of the lowest price offering to watch the fight. The tongue-in-cheek video helped the brand gain national coverage.

Goggle Box steph and dom

May: Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb

Airbnb always come up with fantastic PR campaigns, all down to a very savvy marketing team. And their most recent campaign, to boost the tourism in Sweden, was another great offering.

The online marketplace and hospitality service have listed the whole country of Sweden on their site. The collaboration comes from Airbnb and Visit Sweden in an effort to promote the country’s ‘Freedom to Roam’ principal, which is known as ‘allemansrätten’. The principal allows any visitors the ability to freely roam on any land within the county.

A great idea from the marketing masters which gained them national and worldwide coverage.

Mean Girls air bnb


June: Lucozade contactless bottles give Londoners free tube travel

The energy drinks brand created a fantastic campaign in June 2017. Lucozade handed out bottles of their famous beverage to tube riders in Oxford Circus.

Each bottle contained a chip on the bottom, allowing the lucky receiver to swipe the bottle like an Oyster card a get a free ride that day.

The campaign did well for the brand, gaining them coverage all over the internet.  

pr campaigns lucozade

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