Monthly Digital Marketing Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in September 2017

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Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn! It’s time for hot chocolate, trick or treating and warm scarves. September has been a pretty exciting month, with parents breathing a sigh of relief after their kids have finally gone back to school, that scene in Kingsmen – The Golden Circle caused quite the stir and all the good TV shows are back on!  It’s been a really busy month for Ricemedia as well – our Senior Search Performance Manager Chloe Bodard smashed her talk at Brighton SEO, we said a teary goodbye to Sophie and welcomed Tayler into the team. We all know the world of PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media never sleeps, and it can be pretty hard to keep up. So, grab a tea wine, put your feet up and see what you’ve missed.

1. Facebook will target ads based on store visits, calls to business and offline purchases.

This September, Marketing Land announced that social media platform, Facebook will be using its online-to-offline ad measurement tools with the aim of creating offline-to-online ad targeting. This new re-targeting option is being added to Facebook’s Custom Audiences ad-targeting portfolio, which initially allowed businesses to take the information they collected outside of Facebook and then applied it to tailored ads they bought on Facebook. We’re pretty excited about this – you can check it out here.


tailored advertising Facebook


2. A Wikipedia for data visualisation was published

This month, The Data Viz Project heard every Digital Marketers dream and published a website which has more than 150 types of data visualisations. Every single one of these are searchable by type of dataset (chart, diagram, table), input data, function (comparison, trends over time), and shape (square, line,  map). You can gush over them, here.

SEO PPC Social Media PR
The Data Viz Project


3. Chloe Bodard delivered an amazing talk at Brighton SEO

We don’t mean to gloat, but we’re going to. Our very own Ricemedia ninja Chloe Bodard delivered an amazing talk on, ‘SEO Quick Wins from a Technical Check’. The focus of Chloe’s talk took a hands-on approach to technical SEO, with actionable points that are easily implemented to any website. You can find the slides here.


chloe bodard brighton seo 2017 technical seo


4. Google Maps rolled out a picture-in-picture update for Android 8.0 Oreo

With the slow release of the Android 8.0 Oreo update (you can find out why it’s called Oreo here), Google Maps have rolled out a picture-in-picture update alongside this. This means that when a user is searching for directions, they can press the home button and will get a smaller picture of their directions. Unless this is an overall Maps update, we don’t expect this will roll out to other devices for a while. Find out about it here.


google oreo android


5. The relationship between Digital Marketing and Trade Shows was explored. 

Networking. It’s an aspect of the job that many people struggle with, but once you’ve started it, it isn’t too bad. Trade shows are a great way for many industries to strengthen existing relationships and meet potential business partners and clients. It’s no secret that trade shows are an effective form of marketing, and Xibeo looked at how a business can use their Digital Marketing strategy to make the most of their next trade show. Learn a thing or two here.


how to use digital amrketing to rock your next trade show


6. We looked at the pros and cons of in-house and agency SEO services.

Every business with a website needs SEO – it’s fundamental. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, unique to each individual. If you have to choose between one or the other it’s important to align the benefits of each to figure which is the best fit for your business. You can have a look at the debate here.


In-house vs agency SEO


7. Google began showing AMP links for featured snippets

Google’s AMP has had a few updates this month, the most notable being the featured snippets update. On September 4th, SEO Roundtable stated that Google’s Featured Snippets for mobile were showing content from AMP links. The future of SEO is moving towards mobile, and Google seems to be going full steam ahead. This is a great update, and we’re excited to see its progression. Find out more about it here.


Google AMP featured snippets


8. Bing gets a pilot chatbot extension on its search engine

This month, Microsoft integrated a pilot chatbot extension on its search engine, Bing. The aim of this extension is to help businesses connect with their customers. The idea is to enable users to communicate in a more conversational way, targeting voice and search. This means that questions can be answered within Bing’s main SERPs. This is going to be a really interesting pilot, and we’re intrigued to see just how this works out. Find out more about it here.


chatbot Bing serps


9. Liam created a Beginner’s Guide to User Flow Analysis

Finding out how people interact with your site is invaluable. You’re able to find out which pages are working, as well as the ones that need to be improved. Our SEO technical wizard, Liam, put together a Beginners Guide to User Flow Analysis, which takes you through the User Flow Report section of Google Analytics. You’ll also find out exactly why this is so useful to you! Prepare to be amazed, here.


Google Analytics User Flow Analysis


10. PR Week looked at the PR campaign prior to TFL’s decision not to renew Uber.

This month the UK was shocked to hear of transport for London’s decision not to renew Uber’s license in London. An online petition calling for TFL to reverse their decision has seen over 600,000 signatures, and it is well and truly up in the air. PR Week looked at the PR campaign formulated by the black cab trade body –  The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) and how they contributed to this. From printed posters to petitions, you can read all about it here.


uber TFL digital PR

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