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Digital PR Round-Up: 5 Things That Happened in PR in July 2018

So it’s officially August and that means summer is now well and truly upon us. With everyone busy hopping here, there and everywhere on holiday, it can often feel like everyone takes a bit of a breather during the sunny summer months, but that’s definitely not the case within the world of PR. With exciting and creative PR campaigns and marketing stunts being unveiled every day, July 2018 proved itself to be one of the most exciting months of 2018 so far.

Picking the best of the very best, we’ve condensed some of the best PR news and moments of July 2018 into one blog that’s packed full of inspiration and PR ideas. So let’s get started!

1. Billie Embraced the Reality of Beauty Regimes

We’ve all seen the adverts; women massaging shampoo into their hair, smiling away whilst magically not getting any shampoo in their eyes. Or men finishing shaving their beards by sexually running their hands across their chin, and perhaps most significantly of all, women luxuriously sat there in the bath shaving their already hairless legs. For a significant time, members of the public have had to wrestle with the disappointment that we don’t look photoshoot ready every time we get into the shower *gasp*, and that beauty adverts may never show the reality of our not so graceful morning routines. However, Billie, a subscription razor blade company, heeding the prayers of the nation, decided to shake up the beauty industry with their ‘Perfect Body Hair Campaign’. Showing close ups of women actually shaving their leg hair, armpit hair and even stomach hair, this campaign revealed the reality of morning routines, and people couldn’t get enough of it. With clips of women shaving through the holes of their jeans, blow drying their armpit hair and generally loving their natural body hair, Billie embraced body positivity in a way that we can’t get enough of. We only hope we start to see more real adverts like these popping up!


2. Gareth Southgate Became (Even More of) a Legend

July was a bittersweet month for England fans across the nation, as we both celebrated and mourned England’s journey throughout the 2018 World Cup. But whilst we may not have come home with the trophy, we did come home with a champion; Gareth Southgate. Swiftly becoming the nation’s hero, Gareth and his waistcoats won the hearts of the country as the people of the UK rallied around him as one of England’s most beloved managers. From #GarethSouthgateWould trending tweets, to BA supplying 300 waistcoats on flights from Moscow to London, there were a number of stunts, campaigns and much public appreciation given to Southgate both during and after the World Cup. However one of the most standout PR stunts was done in partnership by Visa and TFL London Underground, as Southgate tube station was re-branded ‘Gareth Southgate’ for 48 hours in honour of England’s ‘incredible journey’. Talk about making a name for yourself.


Gareth Southgate Tube Sign


3. Women Proved they own the PR Game

July 2018 marked a huge milestone for the marketing industry, as PR Week announced their highly anticipated Power List for the year. Ranking the most powerful and influential leaders within the PR industry, the list showcases the best of the best in communicators, and reveals the strengths of the industry; which according to the results, seems to lie with women. For the first time in the list’s history, there has been a significant shift towards female leadership in PR, as Donna Imperato of Burson Cohn & Wolfe CEO tops the list at number one, followed closely by a number of phenomenal and inspirational women including Hilary Rosen and Caroline Detten. As the list commemorates it’s most female dominated release yes, the rest of the industry also celebrates this shift in power, as women around the world prove once and for all that PR is no longer simply a man’s game. You go girls.



4. EasyJet Encouraged Summer Holiday Reading

With the summer holidays finally here, there’s a great deal of excitement about summer vacations, relaxing by pools, chilling out watching movies and just generally getting to laze around the house. However what a lot of people don’t necessarily get excited about is having the opportunity to sit and do some reading. In order to encourage children to see summer as a chance to open a book and explore Narnia, visit Hogwarts and traverse jungles, EasyJet teamed up with publishers to create in-flight libraries for children to enjoy whilst in the air. Dubbed ‘Flybraries’, EasyJet proved once again just how ‘soaring’ their PR campaigns are.


EasyJet summer reading campaign


5. Stranger Things Officially Proved Steve is the Real American Dream

Here at Ricemedia we may or may not be mildly obsessed with Stranger Things, and in particular the wonder that is Steve Harrington. So when Netflix released their new teaser trailer for Stranger Things which featured Steve dressed as a sailor, we may or may not have completely lost our minds. A promo video done in the style of a 1980s mall advert, this 90 second clip celebrates Hawkins town as the American Dream and harpers back to retro years. Utilising the current 80s trend that’s sweeping the media, Netflix managed to entice the internet into an upside down frenzy. Despite the third series being (tragically) over a year away, this teaser trailer has got people talking about Stranger Things (and most importantly Steve) more than ever before, proving that Netflix still reigns king of PR.



So ending on that delightful image, that about wraps up our summary of the 5 top things that happened in July 2018! If you’ve been inspired by any of these PR campaigns and are looking to build up your company’s online presence, why not reach out to our PR team today and we’ll help you take your business to new PR heights.