what happened in digital pr in december 2018?

5 Things That Happened in Digital PR in December 2018

After welcoming in the New Year, Christmas may seem like a bit of a blur. Despite the fact that we may all be a couple of pounds heavier (and a few hundred pounds worse off), Christmas 2018 was an exciting one for Digital PR. Although the festivities may have ended, we take a look back at some of our favourite Digital PR campaigns of December 2018.

1. Macaulay Culkin is Home Alone Once Again

In true Christmas spirit, Google recreated scenes from the classic festive movie, Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin himself. In the advert, Culkin (as McCallister) wakes up at home (all alone), and asks Google what’s on his calendar. Google proceeds to reply, “you have the house to yourself.” He then continues throughout his day, revelling in the thrills of having a free house. The end of the advert features McCallister ordering a pizza and telling the delivery man to “keep the change, you filthy animal.” See the clever advert below for your daily dose of nostalgia.


2. NASA offer Marvel Advice on How to Save Lost-in-Space Avenger, Tony Stark

The fourth Avengers film has been highly anticipated, and December saw the release of the Endgame trailer. It features Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man), lost in space with his food and oxygen rapidly running out. Given their expertise, NASA tweeted Marvel offering some advice for Tony Stark. Their tweet saw a staggering 170k retweets and 360k likes. In reply, Marvel tweeted “Appreciate any help you can provide.” After scanning the image NASA tweeted, eagle-eyed Marvel fans also noticed that one of the stations in the HQ is labelled with Thor’s name. Alongside the stations this is also a tiny replica of the hammer Mjolnir. We think that the people in NASA HQ will be first in line to watch the Avengers in April 2019.


nasa tweet to marvel


3. Uber launches life-size toy cars

In a bid to bring some Christmas joy to the Parisian streets, Uber launched car-sized toy vehicles to pick up customers. If one of these limited edition cars comes to pick you up, your ride is free of charge. Instead of paying for the journey, customers were urged to make a donation to a children’s charity. Uber’s head of marketing for western and southern Europe said “With UberToys and the agency, DDB, we wanted to give users an original, unique, light-hearted experience by rekindling the emotions of Christmas magic. UberToys gives Parisians the chance to relive their childhood by riding around Paris in a toy farm truck, a remote-controlled car or even a vehicle made entirely of modelling clay. All this excitement, and for a good cause too – well done Uber!


4. Is Die Hard really a Christmas Film?

To settle this debate once and for all, YouTuber ‘Casetteboy’ teamed up with Sky Cinema to prove that Die Hard is a Christmas film. On Die Hard’s 30th anniversary, Casetteboy demonstrated that it was a festive flick by including a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ jingle- a project commissioned by Sky Cinema. Despite critics refusing to believe it is a Christmas classic, Director of Sky Cinema, Ian Lewis, states “Die Hard is the biggest Christmas movie of all time.” Even Forbes magazine and Empire magazine both voted Die Hard as the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Is there any debate? I will leave that up to you to decide…


5. Lidl Proves that they are the Cheaper Alternative

In a controversial bid to promote their cheap products, Lidl embarked on a bold guerrilla poster campaign which involved placing their adverts on top of other competitors such as Waitrose and M&S. Their hijacking of posters aimed to highlight the price differences between Christmas products such as mince pies, Christmas puddings and turkey. Commercial Director of Lidl UK, Ryan McDonnell states that: “Our deluxe range offers customers the best value and quality in the market and these ads are all about us getting that message out there. Shopping anywhere else means customers are paying more than they need to for great Christmas products. Our premium range means customers can really upgrade their Christmas this year, without a hefty shopping bill. How do you feel about Lidl’s promotional tactics?

lidl christmas advertising

lidl advertising 2