5 Things that Happened in Digital PR in July 2018

5 Things that Happened in Digital PR in August 2018

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It’s officially September which sadly that means summer (and most tragically the summer holidays) has officially come to an end. Though we may be sad to wave goodbye to the sun, and perhaps even more sad to be putting the beloved BBQ away once more into hibernation, at least we can look back with fondness on the last month in the world of PR.

With hundreds of exciting campaigns and stunts unveiled in August 2018, we’ve managed to narrow down our favourites into an official top 5 of some of the month’s best PR moments.

1. Carlsberg Build Themselves a Successful Campaign

Nothing quite says summer like a classic post work, sun filled beer garden trip. So it makes complete sense that Carlsberg chose to celebrate August with a good old pub centered PR campaign. Challenging 6 individuals with no prior building experience to build an Eco-friendly waterfall powered pub in just 5 days, Carlsberg redefined the meaning of ‘challenge’. Aiming to promote the Danish Eco way of living whilst giving the UK a little slice of paradise, this campaign truly celebrated teamwork and perseverance.

carlsberg pub


2. Deliveroo Rises to New Heights

Another month has flown by and once again Deliveroo have proved themselves to be king of PR with yet another winning campaign. This August Deliveroo quite literally ‘upped’ their game with a stunning recreation of the famous 1932 skyscraper lunch break photo. With millions of British workers feeling as if they’re stuck in a rut when it comes to lunchtimes, this PR campaign aimed to shake things up and put some fun back into lunch breaks. A fun and visually stunning campaign, this truly takes PR to ‘another level’.

Deliveroo Skyscraper


3. Paramount Pictures: Mission Possible

To promote the upcoming release of Mission Impossible: Fallout (yes they really did make another one!), Paramount Pictures organised a thrilling screening of the movie on a 604 feet high cliff atop the waters of the Lysefjord, Norway. With 2000 hardcore fans trekking across the cliffy rockside to watch Tom Cruise save the world again, it made for one of the most unique film screenings of all time. This was no Mission Impossible for Paramount as they won by a PR landslide.

Mission Impossible Mountain Screening


4. HTC Parodies Kim Kardashian

Proving just how successful fun and light-hearted PR campaigns can be, HTC’s Kim Kardashian parody montage hit the top spot in August as one of the most published campaigns of the month. Gaining over 100 pieces of coverage, the photos even captured the attention of the This Morning presenters who delightfully poured over the photos during the show. Utilising popular culture in the best way possible, The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins took centre stage in HTC’s campaign as the reality TV star made Kim Kardashian quite literally ‘the butt of the joke’. Re-imagining Kim’s most iconic selfies, Gemma replicated the images whilst giving them her own sassy spin. Influencer marketing proves once again just how invaluable it is within the world of PR.

gemma collins Kim Kardashian picture


5. Coca Cola Created a FANTAstic PR Campaign

Within Brazil there’s a localised homophobic expression to describe gay men which goes ‘Essa Coca é Fanta’ (literally translating as ‘This Coke is a Fanta’). And in an attempt to bring new meaning to this demoralising term, Coca Cola decided to release a limited edition can of Coke that (you guessed it) was filled with Fanta. Branded with the title ‘Essa Coca Cola é Fanta e Daí?’ which means ‘This Coke is a Fanta, so what?’, Coca Cola managed to transform a negative and degrading statement into one of empowerment and joy. A campaign that got the world celebrating both themselves and each other, Coke managed to capture the best of humanity within its latest FANTAstic campaign.

Coca Cola Fanta Can


So that about concludes our PR roundup for August 2018! If you’ve been inspired by any of these PR campaigns and are looking to build your company’s online presence, why not reach out to our PR team today and we’ll help you make a name for yourself within the world of PR.