Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in Digital Marketing in June

Between Brexit and the Euros, it’s been a busy month for us all. But as ever, the word of digital marketing continues to evolve. Amongst the chaos, here’s what we’ve been keeping an eye on:


Google Authorship is now officially dead

Although Google may have initially stopped using authorship back in 2014, it was continuing to recommend it on in-depth articles. This month they have gone so far as to stop all using it altogether. Find out why

The all new Extended Text Ad format

The PPC community are excited. Why? Because Google have updated their text ad format to include a consolidated description and two headlines. Want to see what that looks like? Check out the Karooya Extended Text Ad Preview tool. Try it here


Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest, and most valuable professional network, so it’s hardly surprising that it has caught the eye of one of the world’s leading platform and performance companies, Microsoft. This will be one to watch. Find out more


The state of link building in 2016

From the analysis of over 1,000 search results – how do you think websites ranked? Do private blog networks, higher word counts or any other aspects of a link really make a difference? This is what Glen of seeked to find out. See here


Twitter made it easier to embed timelines

Developers (and brands) rejoice. Twitter have made it even easier to embed a personalised timeline onto your site. Find out how


5 Common Optimisation Mistakes

Are you guilty of duplicating content, or of ignoring mobile usability? You be surprised to hear what might be affecting your search performance. One of our SEO experts talks through the most common mistakes we see.Read more


How can your blog generate more leads?

Your blog  can be a powerful sales tool, but only if you know how to utilise it. Your blogs should be searchable, relevant, and integrated. One of our content specialists shares his top tips for success. Read more


The 12 best SEO tips from top SEO experts

Trust, virality, testing, understanding… The best way to learn about the best SEO, is to take the expert’s advice. These top tips are sure to get your cogs turning. See here


How do Google penalties affect your business?

If there’s one thing your business wants to avoid, it’s a Google penalty. Getting in their bad books can cost you dearly – so swot up on what they are, what they will do, and how to avoid them. Find out more


Using Pinterest Keyword Research

With its instant suggestions, guided search, and promoted suggestions, Pinterest is an increasingly beneficial place to look when it comes to working out what people are searching for. Not sure how it works? You should take a look. Find out here


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