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Ricemedia are an award winning Search Performance Marketing Agency, specialising in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Paid Search (PPC). We have been delivering SEO in Birmingham & the UK for over ten years.

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Why Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing

What was the last piece of digital content that you found truly engaging? Chances are, it was a video, but why does this format strike such a chord with users? Quite simply, it’s because it’s easier to get a strong and memorable message across in a short time frame in...

How to Write Better Content

Know your audience Traditional forms of marketing just aren’t enough anymore, and they haven’t been for some time. Customers are far more savvy than they used to be, and with so much online information at their disposal they will no longer buy into your three word...

Why You Need Online Customer Reviews in 2015

When it comes to buying products or services, customers have always been influenced by the opinion of others, but whereas word of mouth only reaches a handful of people, now online reviews can reach millions of potential customers. 90% of consumers say they would...

Our Predictions for SEO in 2015

The last two years have seen some dramatic changes for SEO.  The landscape is very different as a result, and we’ve become an adaptable bunch thanks to major Google updates, and the decline of ‘blackhat’ SEO. In 2014 there were an estimated 13 updates to Google’s...

How storytelling can help your brand

Like it or not, storytelling has never been more important as a B2C marketing tool. You will have seen for yourself how brands have built a mass following based around their storytelling campaigns, and the success and reach of these stories has led brands to repeat...

5 Lessons to Learn from SEO in 2014

Another year has come and gone, and with it a whole host of SEO updates which will be keeping the industry on its toes well into the new year. So what were the biggest changes in 2014, and what did we learn from them? Here’s our roundup of the 5 top things to take...