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Ricemedia are an award winning Search Performance Marketing Agency, specialising in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Paid Search (PPC). We have been delivering SEO in Birmingham & the UK for over ten years.

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How to know if your website has a Google Penalty

Suffering a Google penalty can be damaging for your site and can create some major implications to the success of your business/website – especially from an SEO perspective. If you are new to the industry, you may not be fully aware of the indications of a...

How To Block Referral Spam Traffic

Looking at your Referral traffic in Google Analytics is a great way to see which sites are bringing you traffic and the value of that traffic.  However, lately business owners are seeing a number of spammy Referral sites creeping through Google’s Bot FIltering...

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Advertising

Social media giants Pinterest & Instagram have announced that they will be offering Paid Advertising through their platforms, with the addition of ‘Buy It’ and ‘Shop Now’ buttons. It has been clear for years now, that social media is becoming one of the leading...

Best Free Chrome Plugins For Technical SEO, Linkbuilding & Analysis

Time is a massive pain point for us all, so we need apps and plugins to help with our productivity and give us quick top line overviews.  With so many plugins out there, which ones are the best and what can they help you with?  We’ve selected 5 of our favourite free...

What Is Marketing Automation & Why Every Website Should Be Using It

It’s a word you’ve probably heard at conferences and seen on blogs, but just what is Marketing Automation and why should your business care about it? Simply put, Marketing Automation is the process of nurturing prospects into customers; through highly targeted content...