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Get your site migration right.

Site migrations can be hugely exciting, especially if you are rebranding or putting together a brand new site. That being said, a poorly planned and improperly implemented website migration can lead to a huge drop in search visibility, considering the amount of work that needs to be done beforehand to ensure a seamless transition.

Ricemedia’s Technical SEO team will make sure that your website migration goes smoothly and truly benefits your overall SEO.

Types of Site Migrations


Site migrations happen for a variety of reasons – we’re able to assist with the following:


One of the more common reasons for a site migration is where a site will go from HTTP to HTTPS with the acquisition of an SSL certificate. This represents a secure experience and is being pushed massively by Google, with them issuing Not Secure warnings to sites which aren’t being served via HTTPS. They’ve also mentioned that making this switch can positively influence your search rankings.


A rebrand, whether it be down to companies merging or one company renaming itself, may require the migration of several domains towards a single domain; quite a large task.

Moving these assets towards a single domain could lead to traffic and link equity loss if not executed properly.

Website Restructuring

It’s common for sites to restructure their current domain, changing the architecture of the site and the URLs that exist on the site, as well as its overall design. This requires mapping of former URLs through to prospective URLs – improper implementation or a lack of planning can lead to a big drop in search visibility.

Our Previous Work


Our recent work with a client involved the migration of 7 separate websites towards a single domain.

The main site was completely restructured, with the other sites being smaller branches of the brand that were migrated to a single site.

This involved a massive amount of planning beforehand, including extensive URL mapping and staging site analysis.

Since the migration has taken place, the core domain has seen an organic traffic increase of over 400%, as well as a large spike in overall search visibility.

Website Migration - Organic Growth
SEMRush Organic Growth

Pre-Migration Planning


Planning is the most important part of conducting a site migration, with there being a large array of things to consider before you launch your new site. To ensure that your site migration goes down perfectly, we’ll work with you to ensure that everything is properly benchmarked and planned out beforehand.

Staging Site
Best Practices

We’re able to work alongside you and your developers during the initial planning and development stages of the new site, providing best practice suggestions from both a technical and a design standpoint before the move is made.

Ranking + Traffic Benchmarks

In order to ascertain the current situation regarding the site before a migration takes place, we’ll conduct a full benchmark of the site’s traffic and keyword rankings to help analyse the effects of the migration and the potential growth thereafter.

Identifying Authoritative Links

Maintaining link equity is essential – we don’t want to miss out on powerful backlinks due to their target pages no longer existing. We’ll identify all authoritative links and include this within any URL mapping prior to the migration, with that link equity being maintained.

Complete URL

With URL changes, we’ll provide a list of URLs from the current site and will map them with their corresponding prospective URLs on the new site, ensuring that no content goes to waste. Once the URL structure is finalised, the redirect mapping list will be sent over to your developers.

Staging Site
Technical Analysis

Once built, it’s important to check the development environment to ensure that all suggestions are correctly in place and that there are no errors from a design or technical standpoint.

Regular tests of available staging environments will be conducted by our technical team to ensure all elements are correct and ready before the site goes live and the migration is implemented.

Any issues or further suggestions will be sent over to the development team.

Recent Site Migration Work

More recent migration work includes a client whose site was completely redesigned and restructured from top to bottom. This involved consistent technical checks, advice on the architecture of the site, as well as URL mapping.

Since the new, fully restructured site has gone live, there has been an 83% increase in organic traffic.

Recent Site Migrations

Post-Migration Checks + Monitoring


Monitoring the site’s status after a migration is also essential, as we want to ensure that everything has gone through properly and completely as planned, with search engines being made aware of the changes to the site.

Google Search Console Monitoring 

Once the site has been migrated, we’ll ensure that everything is properly submitted to Google Search Console, notifying Google of the changes that have been made.

Search Engine Indexation Status

Ensuring that the new pages are being properly crawled and indexed is imperative. We’ll work to ensure that search engines are being made aware of the changes, making sure that they can access the new pages and that they’re being indexed properly.

Complete Redirect Status Checks

Another key part of the post-migration process would be to review all of the previously planned redirects, with us making sure that they’re all going through to their proper destinations without any errors.

Website Crawls & Technical Analysis

The site will be regularly crawled and analysed from a technical standpoint to ensure that there are no technical errors upon completing the migration, with everything being in place going forward.

Migrating your site requires a massive amount of planning and proper execution. Find out how our Birmingham & London teams can assist with your site migrations by speaking directly with our technical team.

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