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Making sure your website is technically sound is an important first step to maximise your search engine visibility.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a process which ensures that your website is properly optimised for search engines and users, making sure that all technical fundamentals are in place before undertaking other marketing strategies.

If a website hasn’t undergone a proper technical SEO audit, it will most likely have an array of issues which will limit its potential within search engines.

Technical Seo

The Technical SEO Audit

The primary goals of a Technical SEO Audit is to discover any potential obstacles that search engines may be encountering while crawling a website which can lead to indexation and ranking problems.  As well as helping search engines with crawling and indexing, an audit will also suggest actions that can be made to increase the website’s search visibility. Improving conversions and usability for visitors is also key, to help facilitate the overall user experience.

Each audit is bespoke and in-depth, with clear explanations and actions to implement. Our team utilise a range of techniques and audit tools to analyse your website and diagnose faults, with the audit delving into everything from crawling and indexation to page speed, usability and on-page optimisation improvements.  The report clearly outlines all technical issues and prioritises actionable recommendations in order to drive traffic and increase conversions.

1. Website Audit

We will conduct a full technical SEO audit of your site to find any health issues.

2. Identify Issues

Our team will outline all technical issues, identifying why your site isn’t ranking.

3. Prioritise Actions

Both quick wins and long-term solutions will be provided within the audit.

4.  Review

We’ll review the work completed, and will report back with subsequent improvements.

Technical SEO Audit

Basically, creating a clean and healthy site for Google to crawl will pay off


This will help Google to determine what the actual value and content of your site is formed around. With a solid organic SEO campaign in place, your onsite objectives will work alongside this clarity to result in more favourable rankings and successful conversions.

What’s covered in a Technical Site Audit?

Below are just a sample of the many technical areas investigated during an audit.

Page OptimisationIndexation
Robots txtRobots Meta Tags
Mobile SEO404s
UsabilitySocial Tagging
HTTPSContent / Layout
Crawl BudgetPage Speed
CanonicalisationImage Optimisation
Schema MarkupXML Sitemaps
International SEOSite Architecture

Regardless of whether you run a massive e-commerce site, an SaaS startup, or a local business – we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction with a complete technical audit, frequent technical checks, and an ongoing search campaign.

As well as our comprehensive website audits, our technical team can also assist with bespoke technical needs such as Site Migration, Site Architecture, Log file Analysis, International SEO, Mobile SEO and Google Penalty Recovery.

Want to know more?

Unsure where to start?

Know for sure that your website has the foundations to drive SEO traffic and ultimately ROI… Download our Beginner’s Guide to understand what you need to look out for.

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