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50 Facebook friends that like your company page aren’t going to bring you too many genuine business enquiries, and following 1500 people on Twitter isn’t going to get them fired up about the new potted plant in your office.

But getting a 7:1 return on your Facebook advertising… that’s worth talking about.

Identify your personas

Once we understand who your personas are, we’re able to build the audiences that will target them across the relevant paid social channels.

Create your campaigns

Social advertising is more than just a “boost” on Facebook, we’ll build the best advertising style that’ll get your audience engaging and purchasing.

Manage and grow

Once the campaigns are running, our job isn’t over.  We’ll be tweaking the creatives for stronger CTRs, lower CPCs and mostly importantly higher ROI.

Measure results and ROI

We don’t focusing our reporting on the reach and likes of your paid social advertising campaigns, what matters to you (and us!) is your traffic and ROI. 

Social media advertising is about acquisition and re-engagement

We’re all guilty of scrolling through Instagram and purchasing something we didn’t really need from an ad. Paid social advertising is ideal for quick, impulse purchases (as long as your mobile landing page experience is good!), but more importantly bringing back past visitors and customers by reminding them of your brand. 

From single image ads, to canvas ads and dynamic product retargeting, there’s a plethora of ways to achieve this through social advertising and our team are here to show you how.

Why Choose Rice?

  • Transparency.  Everything we do is logged, which we can send to you.
  • Industry experts. We’ve spoken at some of the biggest events.
  • Recommended.  We can put you in touch with current clients.
  • We like to get to know you. Let’s grab lunch.
  • We don’t work on percentages. Our retainer is a fixed fee.

Talk to us

Since we’re being social, why not speak to us?!

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Social Media Case Studies

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