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50 Facebook friends that like your company page aren’t going to bring you too many genuine business enquiries, and following 1500 people on Twitter isn’t going to get them fired up about the new potted plant in your office.

Identify your audience

Once we understand how popular and engaged your social audience is, we can target relevant content to your fans and followers.

Create your tone

The way you speak is an extension of who you are, so it’s important to make sure we create a persona via your social channels.

Manage and support

You should manage your own social accounts. However, we can be an extended part of your marketing team to help support and grow your channels.

Measure results and ROI

It’s important to frequently monitor results and leads, in order to maximise your return and validate your investment. We can help you achieve that.

Social has a place in a rounded digital marketing campaign but you have to make it relevant.

Outlining a tone of voice and controlling frequency of content can build up an impression and unwritten trust, helping people to feel comfortable about engaging with, sharing and even promoting your messages.

Being social

Since we’re being social, why not follow us. We post lots of useful and relevant content about SEO and more… of course.

We don’t answer client tweets or thank users for liking your posts, but we do consult on best practice. Showing you how to plan and implement a social media campaign geared towards useful engagement and ultimately qualified sales or leads. Combined with our other services, such as content creation and organic and paid search, a strong social platform can help to create a tipping point of campaign success.

Social Media Case Studies

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