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Take the initiative and boost your brand’s visibility on search engines with the right SEO strategy. Search engine optimisation can be leveraged through a range of tools and practices that will help your customers find your business easily. When done effectively, it creates a distinctive experience for your users, building a long-lasting connection with your brand and overall trust in your company. With two decades of experience working for clients in wide range of industries, we have become one of Birmingham’s best search engine optimisation agencies. We know how to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales through bespoke SEO campaigns that are tailored to your business. Unlock your full digital potential with Ricemedia SEO Agency.

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Google is the main search engine most people use when looking for a product or service. Having your website rank in the top positions of the search results will drive more traffic and improve your brand’s visibility. Our SEO consultants will ensure you get found by customers before your competitors do and remain in a leading position.

Generate Leads & Increase Your Sales

Digital Marketing is measurable and we’ll create a cost-effective SEO strategy to ensure an increased ROI. With people using search engines several times a day, having your website rank highly will generate more visits, and, in turn increase the number of leads and sales. If you’re not near the top of page 1, then you are losing out on potential customers.


Combine your SEO strategy with our PPC service for enhanced results. Co-ordinating PPC with search engine optimisation will lead to a more efficient search strategy by dominating search engine results both organically and through ads.

some really impressive results, you consistently over-deliver for us and that is invaluable.”
Kurt Geiger


Increase Clicks

Organic SEO, Paid Search and Technical implementations delivered consistent growth.


A Full Service SEO Agency in Birmingham

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or in short, SEO is a technical process which sets out to increase the quality and quantity of your website’s organic (unpaid) traffic. When done effectively, it will help your target audience find you easily by showing your website amongst the first few results of the search, matching the user’s query with your products and services.

Why is SEO important for my business?

SEO is important because it enables users to trust your website by ensuring it appears at the top of search engine results and making it relevant to their search queries. It’s one of the few online marketing approaches that continues to pay off in the long term too, as it allows your organic traffic to increase over time. This is why choosing an experienced SEO company is paramount to your success.

How long until I see results from SEO?

SEO is an ongoing process and it can take time to see results in highly competitive markets. It is generally agreed upon that you will see results after 4-6 months, with performance increasing as the months pass. Using an SEO service to compliment your overall marketing strategy can really make a positive difference to your business.

How much does SEO cost?

Ricemedia creates a personalised SEO package depending on the complexity of your site and the competitiveness of the market you’re in. Call our digital experts on 0121 200 3336  for a bespoke quote.

I already have Paid Search, will SEO benefit me?

Running SEO and PPC together will provide a wide range of benefits for your brand. Your success from paid search advertising can be fed into your SEO strategy to drive results that are greater than PPC on its own. Increase the efficiency of your paid search ads by integrating them into your SEO strategy, optimising landing pages to perform better and increasing your quality score to reduce the cost of your PPC.

Why Choose Ricemedia?

Although we’re an established SEO agency in Birmingham, we initially started off 20 years ago as a web design company. Our background means that we understand how a well-functioning website works, which makes a big difference to efficient search engine optimisation. 

From the outset, we’ll identify your key audiences and how to effectively reach them by focusing on finding your quick wins and creating an efficient long-term plan to keep you in a leading position. We’ll also explore new opportunities to set you apart from your competitors and increase your organic visibility and revenue. 

From local and international search engine optimisation to content marketing and technical SEO, our Birmingham-based digital agency has experts in every discipline. We’ve worked with companies from a wide range of sectors and we understand that each business is different. Whatever your industry or company size, our dedicated team will know exactly what is needed to help you get two steps ahead of your competitors.

How will Ricemedia manage my SEO account?

As search engine optimisation is an ongoing service, we’ll manage your account from our SEO agency in Birmingham. We’ll constantly monitor your progress and results, reporting on traffic, conversions, revenue and keyword rankings. We’ll use this data to continuously learn, adapt and build upon your strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Our personalised approach relies on full transparency, so we’ll grant you access to your own reporting dashboard where you can check the progress and the results of our work for you. Since communication is key, we’ll be in touch on a regular basis to make sure you’re always kept in the loop with what we’re doing.



We will analyse your website and plan an SEO strategy that will see you climb to the top of Google search rankings. With on-site optimisation, link building, local search and more, we’ll improve your website’s exposure and drive more quality traffic.



If you need an expert eye on your current strategy, we can work with you to identify an efficient Search Engine Marketing approach, including areas of improvement and ways to achieve your goals.



Technical SEO sets out to improve the technical health of your website to ensure that its pages rank higher on search engines.The fundamentals of Technical SEO are all about making your website easy to crawl, fast and search engine-friendly.



Your website has content, but is it relevant enough to your users? We’ll create fresh, engaging and authentic content to improve search rankings and to help you establish yourself as an authority in your own industry.



Want to know why your competitors are doing better than you? We can do the leg work for you and research unique, innovative ways that will make you stand out from the crowd.


We work with some of the best clients around fact.

Our SEO Agency in Birmingham boasts an impressive client portfolio. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the UK and internationally, driving increased profits through their Organic Search Channels. For two decades, we’ve been building long-lasting relationships with businesses who value our service and the results we deliver.


What Clients Say About Us

We’ve been really impressed with Ricemedia. Friendly & a fun team, but better than this they really know their stuff. They’re transforming our SEO & Google Ads, giving us far more visibility within the market. They’ve always been on hand to help, no questions asked. Looking forward to more progress in the future with Rice.
Co-Founder & Executive Director
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By working with Ricemedia, you’ll have access to a team of Search Marketing experts who will create a winning strategy to improve your online presence. Our team members have been asked to speak at renowned SEO events, exchanging ideas with some of the best industry insiders. If you are looking for an experienced SEO company in Birmingham, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and requirements in detail. Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll call you back.

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