Who are HCL Workforce?

HCL Workforce are a leading provider of temporary and permanent health and social care professionals to the public and private sectors.

They place more than 2,000 fully compliant professionals every week and are focussed on delivering high candidate and service quality.

Ricemedia started working with HCL back in May 2017, starting off the project by migrating several smaller sites to a main one, also helping them increase their online visibility to drive more organic traffic to the site and generate more job applications.

Services Delivered

We were tasked with several site migrations, migrating 7 sites to a main domain, whilst improving rankings and driving more organic traffic and applications through a monthly SEO strategy. A huge amount of planning pre migration was required, and notably in terms of URL mapping and carrying out technical checks of the staging site.

Page One Rankings
YOY Organic Traffic Increase
New Organic Users Increase


Pre-migration, HCL’s various websites’ homepages used to rank for the main key phrases, which were to be migrated to sector pages, and risk internal cannibalisation. Hence it was crucial to ensure rankings were maintained and improved, to drive more traffic to a single domain than what the branch sites used to drive. The very high number of total pages also required a massive URL mapping project to ensure no pages were unwillingly left to 404, and that users would be redirected to relevant pages.


The initial site migrations were to be carried out within a month’s time, which involved a technical SEO analysis of all 7 sites, along with the staging site. An extensive keyword research was carried out to strategise optimisation and prevent any internal cannibalisation issues or ranking drops. All sites’ URLs redirects to the new site were then mapped carefully to ensure the best user experience remained. Following the site migrations, focus shifted to on page optimisation and content, providing the client with quick ranking wins and thus organic traffic increases also followed by a rise in applications received.


Following successful site migrations, organic traffic has increased by 260% year on year, and the amount of candidates applications and companies partnering with HCL increased compared to pre-migration. Through an effective keyword strategy, organic bounce rate has also decreased by over 80% and average pages viewed per session increased by 48%.

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