Who are Edgbaston Priory Club?

The Edgbaston Priory Club is a private members’ tennis, squash and leisure club based in the heart of Birmingham. Boasting stunning grounds, they attract the world’s top tennis and squash players to their courts, being hosts to international racquet tournaments such as the Aegon Classic Birmingham and the World Masters Squash Championships every year.

They train talented tennis players through their high-performance programmes and encourage more people across Birmingham to take up racquet sport through their community scheme.

Services Delivered

  • Organic SEO
  • Social Advertising
  • PPC
increase in organic search traffic compared to the previous year
increase in unique link clicks since working on the account
CTR through PPC (295.53% higher than the average in the industry)


Edgbaston Priory Club had previously focused their advertising budget on print adverts, including door-to-door leaflets and newspaper advertisements. Going digital was a big move for the club as they had spent many years investing in traditional methods of advertising, but going online was always going to make a big impact on their traffic and lead generation.


Working closely with Edgbaston Priory Club, we put together a comprehensive strategy individually for both social advertising and PPC.

Our strategy started for social advertising by compiling a list of important campaigns that were set throughout the next coming months. With this information and data, we were able to create high-quality campaigns, advert sets and visuals that would catch the attention of Facebook users, sending relevant traffic through to the Edgbaston Priory Club website, where they would be able to sign up for more information.

Our strategy for PPC consisted of creating a detailed and in-depth AdWords structure for each service and facility that Edgbaston Priory Club offers. With this, we were able to devise keyword research and several ad groups that would generate high-quality leads for the Club. We then created striking ad copy to compel users to click-through, set these adverts live and adjusted bids accordingly to get the most out of these advertising opportunities.


The results that we’ve achieved for Edgbaston Priory Club have been fantastic, our client has been pleased with the quality of the leads that have been created through our digital advertising efforts and are happy that the key foundations are in place.

Through Facebook Advertising we have so far reached over 200,000 users that fit the audience Edgbaston Priory are looking to influence. With this, they have had over 2,500 unique link clicks, generating great conversions for the Club.

Through PPC we have achieved 7.08% CTR, giving a great advantage in comparison to competitors. So far we have had over 4,000 clickthroughs, generating many new leads.

“We have been working with Ricemedia for nine months now and we can see the foundation stones being laid for the future. Ricemedia have worked well with us, advising and steering us in the right direction, whilst allowing us to control the brand message. They offer a comprehensive, innovative online strategy.”

– Julie O’Hare, Marketing and Communications Manager

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