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Businesses can no longer afford to squander large marketing budgets on a scattergun approach to advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Quite simply, it’s automated digital advertising that is delivered to potential online customers. However, unlike traditional advertising, which fires predetermined adverts at random, programmatic advertising is designed to be tailored to the customer, and only delivers highly relevant adverts.

How does it work?

The behaviour of potential customers is tracked when they interact with your website, so you can see what interests them most and then you can target them with personal digital advertisements based on what they’ve viewed in the past. These adverts are automatically triggered by certain consumer behaviours, so the process manages itself.

How is it delivered?

Markets now have constant access to real-time consumer data and this data has helped to craft user profiles from anonymous consumers, which enables the machines involved in the automated process to make the right targeting decisions at the right times.

Why is it so successful?

In an age of over-advertisement, we are no longer as susceptible to marketing messages as we used to be, unless the message is directly relevant to us. Programmatic advertising allows your marketing budget to be spent in the most efficient way possible, delivering a high return on investment.

Programmatic is targeted

Programmatic advertising goes straight to the jugular. 

Capture data on your audience, store it for targeting, analyse where your audience will be & visualise your brand with strong creatives

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Why Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising allows brands to connect with consumers at the top end of the conversion funnel. By always being there at the right time through Paid advertising, you will be the brand they think of first.

The growth of programmatic advertising has been exponential. Businesses are finally realising that traditional forms of advertisement no longer hold their weight in our digital age. If you don’t work hard to grab the attention of your potential customers, someone else will.

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