Bing Ads Campaign Management Birmingham & London

As of January 2018, Bing takes up around 7% of the UK search market share, this increases to just over 12% when looking at Desktop search. Utilising not only Google AdWords, but also Bing Ads could be a great decision for your business.

Identify Your Audience

Audience behaviour can vary across search engines, the search queries used, demographic differences and also how they interact across devices. Here at Rice Media we can develop a tailored strategy for Bing Ads for your business to increase traffic to your website and return a positive ROI.

Setting Your Bing Budget

Prior to any campaign launch we’ll produce a comprehensive forecast to demonstrate what your Bing Ads activity could achieve in terms of reach, traffic, and potential revenue. Our daily management and pacing across multiple search engines ensures you get the most from your agreed campaign budgets.

Reporting & Optimisations

We are proud to fully deliver comprehensive and easy to understand reports, which are provided as regularly as you need them! Our reporting tool can be tailored to your own specific business requirements. From this, we are able to easily identify quick wins and potential opportunities to ensure you are getting the maximum performance from your Bing Ads account.

Best Practice Guidelines

We ensure every account is running to best practice standards, ensuring you see the optimum return on investment and to ensure you are paying the lowest possible CPC. We are proud to say we have a creative excellence score of over 94% (Provided by Google) and we ensure this is reflected in how all our PPC campaigns are structured on both Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

Does Bing Advertising Work?

Bing Ads may not provide the sheer reach and visibility you would find on AdWords, but you may find it far less competitive and lucrative for your business with cheaper costs involved.

In fact, recent studies have shown that CPC’s on Bing are up to 70% lower when compared to AdWords. A study found that in the automotive industry, CPCs were 32.5% lower on Bing PPC than Google, and in the insurance industry, 59.2% lower.

Bing Ads Mobile

Return on Investment & KPIs

ROI is the key to every campaign that we create and manage. With an e-commerce site, we look at the cost per acquisition to ensure profitability, and we will create measures for traditional lead generation goals, such as enquiries or phone calls to obtain a similar result.

Bing Ads Certified Partner

You’ll want to be sure that whoever is looking after your campaign is qualified to do so. We’re proud to be certified with Bing and have demonstrated our capabilities through individual exams and managing a specific amount of spend associated with an agency service.

This enables us to have contact with our own Bing Agency Representative who can help advise and boost performance for all of our Bing Ad Clients.

Paid Search Case Studies

We take care of everything for you.

We understand that you’re busy working toward your own goals. We’ll contact you when we need to and then take the decisions and actions that you empower us to, in order to get the results we’re both aiming for as your SEO agency.

Transparency & relationship

Everything that we do is recorded down to the minute, so that we are ready to review and discuss it with you at any stage of the campaign. Our most successful SEO clients are those that respond to our input and work with us to achieve a genuine return on their investment.

Why Should Your Business Use Bing Paid Ads?

Find out how Paid Ads can not only increase your online visibility, but drive profitable leads and sales