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Traditional advertising agencies are now looking at turning to the digital era of PPC (Pay Per Click). The semi-automated solution offered a great way to spend a client’s budget without the real need to know much about what was actually going on. Given the cost of PPC today it simply isn’t enough to just point and shoot.


Before starting any paid campaign, we work with you to understand your audience and your needs. It will then be tailored to drive traffic, leads or revenue.


Together, we can tailor a forecast to understand what you could achieve from paid. We ensure we’re maximising your budget and helping to increase CTR, enquiries and revenue.


We build new campaigns and improve on existing ones to ensure you are best placed to maximise your spend and quality score.


Paid results are instantaneous, meaning we can quickly review and adapt your performance, to prevent you wasting money on keywords that don’t convert.

Paid Search Management

A great PPC campaign with Google or Bing can offer immediate site traffic.

Unlike organic search, PPC can offer early insights into exactly which keywords actually convert and where the opportunities lie. A great PPC campaign is a living, breathing, real time indicator of what is happening in your niche, and looking and reacting to these signals is key to a successful campaign.

Our Approach

A completely new campaign may start by targeting the low hanging fruit, after which attention will turn toward greater return from the ‘trophy’ opportunities. When taking over existing campaigns, your account manager will take the time to really understand the history of the account and ensure that the handover is seamless with little or no down time.

Other Paid Options

Of course paid search isn’t just confined to traditional PPC. We manage shopping and product feed listing campaigns, which offer a great opportunity having recently moved to a paid inclusion system with early bidding at reasonable levels. We also manage display advertising, programmatic advertising and social media advertising campaigns.

Paid Search Case Studies

Return on Investment & KPIs

ROI is the key to every campaign that we create and manage. With an E-commerce site we look at the cost per acquisition to ensure profitability, and we will create measures for traditional lead generation goals, such as enquiries or phone calls to obtain a similar result.

Google Adwords Certified Partner

You’ll want to be sure that whoever is looking after your campaign is qualified to do so. We’re proud to be certified with Google and have demonstrated our capabilities through individual exams and managing a specific amount of spend associated with an agency service.

Why Should Your Business Use Paid Search?

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