Adwords & Bing Paid Account Audit 

Before building on any Adwords or Bing account, we need to make sure that the foundations are in place and most importantly set to generate a healthy ROI for your business.

Identify your audience

Before you can start any PPC Audit, we need to understand who your audience are. Once we understand this we can make recommendations based on how your audience searches and converts.

Review your campaigns

From account structure, to negative keywords and bid adjustments, we’ll review every element of your Adwords and Bing Paid Search Accounts for ways to increase ROI, and reduce CPA.

Conversion rate optimisation

Where are your taking your potential customers once they click your ad? We will review your current landing pages and suggest improvements to increase conversion.

Present our recommendations

We’ll discuss our findings with you and the differences we believe they can make to your account: always focusing on your business objectives and ideal CPA.

Client CPA Decrease

Without the right structure, your paid search accounts can quickly become costly and struggle to convert.

Are you targeting the right keywords with your Adwords and Bing accounts? Are you preventing your ads from showing for unrelated terms? Have you through about the content on your landing pages? Without taking these elements into account you can end up wasting your budget and struggle to generate an ROI.

Conversion is key

It’s all well and good having a Bing or Adwords account with a high click through rate, but if the visitors aren’t converting there’s an issue: you’re wasting money.  Our Paid Search Audits & Paid Search Management are conversion orientated, with the aim of generating you as many conversions as possible, at a low cost per acquisition and high ROI.

It’s in the detail

You’ve set up campaigns, you’re generating clicks and a small number of conversions, but are you maximising your paid accounts to their full potential?  That’s where our Birmingham & London teams can help. Our Account Audits look at the finer details of your account including: ad extensions, devices, locations and ad schedules to assess where changes can be made to reduce your costs.

Paid Search Case Studies

We make it easy

We appreciate just how busy you are and that you might not be up to date with the latest Paid Search trends (that’s our job!): therefore our Google Certified experts make everything easy to understand, so that you see the real value in our audit findings.

Transparency & relationship

Everything that we do is recorded down to the minute, allowing you to see exactly where your time is being allocated. Our most successful clients are those that respond to our input and work with us to achieve a genuine return on their investment.

Why Does Your Business Need PPC?

Find out how Paid Search can not only increase your online visibility, but drive profitable leads and sales