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Hard sell tactics are outdated and unproductive, businesses must now drive conversions in a more subtle way.

What is lead nurturing?

It’s the process by which you encourage visitors to become customers. You can do this by giving them all the information they need to make a decision, without directly telling them to buy.

Why is it necessary?

Potential buyers are no longer susceptible to traditional sales techniques, as they now like to make an informed decision. Just telling consumers to ‘buy’ for no reason is unlikely to get you very far, you need to tell them why your product or service is right for them.

How does it work?

Lead nurturing incorporates a form of content marketing, and works best with marketing automation, which can track the activity of your potential customers online. Once you know what they’re interested in, you can deliver the most relevant content to them.

Why is it so successful?

It allows you to keep track of customers long after their initial interest in your brand, meaning you can still convert those who are reluctant to make ‘on the spot’ decisions, with minimum marketing expense.

Lead nurturing enables you to build a strong connection with potential customers

Once you have established this trust, conversions will follow

Lead nurturing gives you the power to streamline your entire sales operation. With the right tools, you can sort the real leads from the time wasters, and only pursue those which are most likely to convert.

Once you have identified your best leads, you can deliver information which is directly relevant to them, without the possibility of bombarding them with too much content, which can often happen with traditional marketing campaigns.

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