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Let’s face it, if you’re not trying to improve and ‘massage’ your position in the search results, then you’re unlikely to have any rankings and traffic to lose in the first place.

It’s important is to make sure you follow Webmaster Quality Guidelines, mitigating the risk of future issues while removing anything outdated that might now be holding you back.

Identify a problem

You may see an increased drop in traffic or a message in Webmaster tools informing you of a Google penalty. We can review your site and identify the issue for you.

Address the issues

We create a working plan to clean up anything that we feel may be holding you back. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, it’s just a case of making sure.

Apply or submit the fix

Once we’ve covered all we can, we submit your site for re-evaluation and reconsideration.

Preventative measures

We review and discuss best practice SEO methods to help prevent the site from falling foul of another penalty in future.

There are two main types of penalty that a site can fall foul of.

Let’s look at the difference between an algorithm and a manual penalty.

Algorithm penalty

A sharp drop in organic traffic on or around the date of a Google update is nearly always an indication of an algorithmic penalty. Whilst not good, these are the easiest to address, and start with an investigation piece to determine which factors may have caused the drop, followed by a course of action to remedy them. Typically this can take a couple of weeks to complete, and then recovery can happen any time between two and six weeks once the site has been re-indexed and re-graded.

Manual Penalty

A message in Webmaster tools about ‘manual spam action’ being taken is a little worse. It’s usually the precursor to an intense piece of work in order to get back to a level playing field with the search engines. In these cases it is likely that a high number of links with overzealous anchor text for your key phrases have been identified on lots of very low value websites, and need to be cleared up. We will work with you to determine how your link profile analysis sits, and where we would like it to be. This can take a few weeks, as we would need to manually contact a long list of website owners asking for links to be removed.

Reconsideration Request

An honest and carefully crafted reconsideration request is key to the success of a penalty removal. After this period we will then start constructing a reconsideration request combined with a Disavow document to submit to Google. This will outline exactly what steps have been taken to correct any potential issues, and request that they remove any value (positive or negative) from those links. In essence you’re saying you don’t want anything to do with those remaining sites.

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