5 Reasons You Should Work For A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a constantly expanding, fast-paced and creative industry that is attracting more graduates than ever before. With more businesses looking for that all important rankings boost on Google to further their business, in-house teams and agencies are always looking for new talent. If you’re wondering why you should work in digital marketing like those around you, take a look at our top five reasons! 

1. Continuously Develop & Learn New Skills

The world of digital marketing never stops evolving. With every new Google algorithm update, trend or social platform, new opportunities to gain and build upon your digital marketing knowledge follows. Because of this, even the very best digital marketers have to constantly review and learn. When working within a digital marketing agency with people who share your passion for all things digital, the opportunities to keep on top of these new changes are all around. By sharing and learning collaboratively, the overall industry knowledge level of the agency rises as a whole. This also means clients benefit from the most up-to-date industry developments, putting them ahead of the competition.

2. Fast Paced Creative Environment

If you are someone who grows tired of the same tasks day in and day out, a digital marketing agency could be the perfect work environment for you. From PPC campaign building to ad copywriting to SEO optimisation to competitor analysis, the tasks vary massively depending on which area of digital marketing you wish to specialise in (if you want to specialise that is!) Never get bored of mundane tasks and enjoy a fast-paced creative industry like no other.

3. Make Friends With Like Minded Colleagues

Have you ever worked in an environment where mentions of terms such as “SEO”, “PPC” or “Google Algorithms” draw nothing but blank stares from your colleagues? If you have worked in-house as a solo digital marketer, the chances are that you have.

One of the biggest benefits of working as part of a digital marketing team within an agency environment is being surrounded by like-minded people who understand the importance and value of your role. Whether it be as a digital marketing executive, account manager or director, nothing beats being able to share ideas with fellow colleagues who share the same passion as you. You will also have opportunities to network at SEO events to further expand your list of like minded colleagues.

4. The Wider Digital Marketing Picture

While working in-house allows you to gain digital marketing knowledge in regards to the sector of the business you work for, working within an agency allows you to gain an insight into digital marketing trends throughout a vast array of industries. For example, digital marketing trends will be different within fashion e-commerce compared to a service based training and development organisation. While each will have its most effective digital marketing strategies, by having knowledge from an array of different industries, it enables us to identify effective trends within other sectors which could benefit clients.  This wider picture of digital marketing trends allows those who work within an agency to gain a more complete understanding of digital marketing as a whole.

5. Modern Collaborative Work Environments

Nothing is more dampening to creativity than a stuffy office with no hints of character in a non-collaborative working design. Which is exactly why Digital marketing agencies have a tendency to have highly creative work environments which promote openness, free thinking and positivity. From quirky breakfast areas, floor to ceiling meeting boards, relaxation areas and open plan desk areas, nothing beats a modern work environment within an equally creative role.

If working in a fun, forward-thinking environment within an ever developing industry sounds like your cup of tea, view our current vacancies today and discover the benefits of working within a digital marketing agency for yourself.