Why Should You Work With a Google Certified Agency?

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Why Should you Work with a Google Certified Agency?

Are you shopping for a digital agency for your business? Perhaps you are already with an agency but are not happy with their work and thinking of ending that relationship, where do you go from there?

This blog looks at Google Certified agencies and why, as a business, they’re the agencies you want to handle your digital marketing services, and why they stand out from their competitors.

So, you find a Google Certified agency, what does that mean?

It means digital marketers at that particular agency have passed and achieved qualifications in Google Analytics, Adwords and other Google tools. They are qualifications that needs updating frequently and are highly sought after in digital marketing, PPC and SEO agencies when selecting employees.

Simple enough but what does that brings to your business? What makes their service different from other agencies?


An agency with Google Certified staff brings a higher level of expertise. Google Certified marketers and SEOs have a better and more in depth knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, being able to provide you better reporting, better analysis and a better investment of your money.

When looking at Google Analytics, Google Certificated marketers have a better understanding of the tool. Besides being able interpret the data and predict trends better, what makes certified marketers stand out from the competition is that they are constantly developing their expertise and, if there any google updates or developments in search marketing, you’ll be the first to know about it.

When managing a client’s Google Adwords account, a certified marketer looks at how to invest their money effectively as well as how to reduce their CPC when possible. This is something we’ve covered recently in our blog ‘3 Tips to Reduce your Adwords CPC’, certified marketers will look for ways to give their clients an edge with Adwords.

Also they’re at the forefront of any new developments and software from Google, giving their clients an advantage over their competitors at every opportunity.


A Google certified agency is more equipped and experienced to provide a client a full, 360’ marketing service that effectively generate sales and nurtures leads. To achieve this status, this agency would have to be established for some years, it’s staff studying, working  and providing a good results for their clients. In short, they’re highly experienced.

As well as keeping up to date with changes to Google’s Search Algorithm, mastering new features in Google tools and developing, a Google approved agency are veteran digital marketers and SEOs. That wealth of experience comes with years of working in digital marketing and a Google certification promises that experience when you choose that agency.


Unfortunately, there are a number of digital hacks and cowboys that create a bad reputation for all of us in the industry. These agencies are easy to catch out but for clients who don’t know look out for, e.g an agency that has outdated knowledge or uses old techniques, it is difficult to spot trustworthy agency out of the crowd.

Working with a Google Certified, it’s a guarantee of quality. Besides being a Google Partner, which we also are, there are no other forms of accreditation that promises a high quality and expert service from an agency. Being Google approved is a sign of how that agency conducts its work, that they are above board and provide a trustworthy service, exactly what you’re looking for in a search marketing agency.

That’s why you need to work with a Google certified agency. If you want to know more about how we can help your business generate more sales and nurture more leads, get in touch today.

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