The Social Media Round-Up – What’s New in April 2018?

With so much happening in the Digital Marketing, it can be very hard to keep up – even more so when it comes to the social media sector. So, what has been happening in the world of social media this April? It’s been a busy one for sure, so we’ve digested all the latest news and updates for you and condensed the main highlights (aside from all the details on the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, which we’ve delved into much more detail on in another post). So, here’s our April Round-Up of everything that’s happened in the world of social media marketing.

So, grab  a cuppa and let’s go…

Reddit matched Twitter in active users

It might be good to start considering Reddit as part of your social media strategy, as the latest data from the platform shows significant growth in the last 6 months. According to Reddit, they’re now boasting 330 million monthly active users. That puts Reddit on par with Twitter and ahead of other popular channels like Snapchat (255 million) and Pinterest (200 million).

Previously, Reddit has been considered a riskier option for advertisers, due to the resistance from the Reddit community to ads. But they’re now placing a lot of effort into making the platform more advertiser-friendly, which goes to show that they may be preparing for more advertisers coming on board.

Instagram Stories continues to evolve

There’s just no slowing down for Instagram Stories, with yet more new features added to the platform this month. The biggest news was a new camera mode called ‘Focus’ for selfies, which softly blurs your background and keeps people in the forefront.

Along with this, a new ‘Mention’ sticker has been introduced, making it easier to tag friends and brands in stories.

Instagram are also reportedly testing a Q&A sticker, differing from the current poll sticker, where answers would be sent via direct message rather than a multiple-choice poll. We see this having huge potential for brands, who want to gain feedback on their products/services on a platform where a huge proportion of their audience is likely to be.

Facebook Live celebrated its 2nd birthday

April saw the 2-year anniversary of Facebook Live. The feature has fast gained momentum, and with the number of daily live broadcasts doubling year on year, it could be argued that Facebook is now the leading platform for live-streaming. There have been some pretty impressive numbers gained in this time, with over 3.5 billion live videos being broadcast in the last 2 years, generating more than 150 billion reactions.  

Following their algorithm update earlier this year, Facebook announced that they would be placing even more attention on live video content and considering it generates 6x more interactions than generic video, you can see why.

If live video isn’t part of your social media strategy yet, it probably should be.   

Facebook encourages people to use stories more

Zuckerberg himself has already hinted that Stories content is likely to overtake the iconic newsfeed, which makes it no surprise that Facebook is continuing to encourage people to utilise the Stories platform on its platform by testing out a few new features this month.

An AR doodle, function appears to be the biggest new addition to the platform, allowing users to create 3D drawings in the real world. Instagram’s looping Boomerang function and the popular poll stickers are also being brought across to Facebook.

Will these efforts draw more people to using stories on Facebook? We’ll have to wait and see.


Instagram takes more inspiration from Snapchat with nametag tests

Apparently, Instagram is currently testing a new ‘Nametag’ feature, which sounds all too similar to Snapchat’s Snapcodes. It would allow users to create their own customised code, which can be scanned to instantly connect you to that person’s account.

If it’s officially rolled out, the feature will make it easier for users to build up their followings and could be a great opportunity for brands to grow their Instagram presence. But would it actually take off? QR code style features seem quite old-fashioned and would it really be any quicker than simply hitting the ‘follow’ button?

Instagram launches a new design account

Need some creative inspiration? Look no further than Instagram’s new account (@design). Showcased at Milan Design Week this month, the purpose of the account is to explore design and craft around the world and give an insight into the design culture at Instagram.

The account will showcase new emerging design talents and trends, emphasise the evolving relationship between technology and design and even go behind the scenes with designers and creators. If you’re a creative, then this will be right up your street.      


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