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The Digital PR Round-Up: What Happened in The PR World in May 2018?

Here at Ricemedia there’s no such thing as a ‘quiet month’ and sure enough May didn’t fail to sweep us off our feet with work, fun and bank holidays alike. Towards the start of the month the office was abuzz with talk of the winter olympics as we watched history made along the snowy hills and slopes of Pyeongchang. And from white hills to a white dress, the office was in a fevered frenzy as we gathered round our television sets to watch Harry and Meghan tie the knot and wave our red, blue and white flags (even though admittedly one or two of the ladies may have been slightly devastated to see Harry married off). And from being glued to the tv with the royal wedding coverage, many of the office were also glued to the silver screen as superhero fever took over the month of May; not to mention the glorious weather and the two bank holidays we’ve enjoyed in the sun! And that’s just been the weekends. During the weekdays our PR department has been rushed off their feet getting national coverage for our clients, and working on a number of exciting projects and campaigns that are set to take off during the next coming months!

So enough with the introduction, here are a breakdown of some of the best (and worst) PR moments and campaigns of May 2018.

1. Greggs Proved that Image is Everything

Here at Ricemedia there’s nothing we love more than a good old Greggs Sausage Roll for lunch, but admittedly gourmet cuisine probably isn’t the word that first springs to mind when we imagine the famous high street bakers. However with their latest PR stunt, Greggs took to some of London’s most illustrious food festivals under the false identity of ‘Gregory and Gregory’ to fool food critics into sampling and praising their baked goods; and it worked a treat! Proving just how powerful a tool branding is, this PR stunt is one of our May favourites!



2. The Royal Wedding was a PR Dream Come True

With nearly a third of the world’s population tuning in to see Meghan and Harry’s fairytale wedding, it’s no surprise that thousands of companies jumped on the royal PR bandwagon in an attempt to secure international coverage and brand awareness. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Marks and Spencers Became ‘Markle and Sparkle’  

For one weekend and one weekend only, Marks and Spencers stores up and down the country re-branded to become ‘Markle and Sparkle’ during the weekend of the royal wedding. Complete with logos, store signs and celebratory Great Britain themed window displays, the brand completely stole the royal wedding pr stunt trophy, and even released a number of Harry and Meghan inspired merchandise, including an honorary Percy Pig wedding sweet range!



easyJet Soared With Their Meghan and Harry Lookalike Competition

Sometimes when it comes to PR stunts, nothing beats a classic competition, and easyJet did this is in style with their international search for the best Meghan and Harry look alike couple. With the chance to win free flights around the world for a year, 3,000 hopeful couples put themselves forwards to be considered, with the final five being flown to London where they were judged by a panel, not just on their looks but also their regal waves, their wedding proposals and of course their bouquet throws. The perfect celebration of Harry and Meghan we think this is a definite PR win, well done easyJet!


Legoland’s Royal Wedding Masterpiece

At Ricemedia we can’t deny we love all things Lego related at the best of times, but throw in a castle and a wedding, and we’re in Lego heaven! To celebrate Meghan and Harry’s wedding, Legoland in Windsor unveiled a large scale castle of the wedding, complete with miniature wedding guests, that comprised of no less than 39,960 Lego pieces! Becoming an immediate tourist and park attraction, this is a perfect example of a fun and fresh PR stunt.



3. Ireland’s ‘Together For Yes’ Campaign Won Big

On Friday the 25th of May 2018, Ireland held a referendum on overturning the abortion ban, where  66.4% of voters opted to legalise abortion within the Republic of Ireland once and for all. The result was a testimony to the dedicated hard work of thousands of people who rallied and campaigned to get the ‘yes’ vote for the women of Ireland. ‘Together for Yes’ was one of the leading campaigns for supporting the overthrow of the ban, and consisted of an umbrella campaign group headed by three different pro-repeal organisations. With men and women campaigning tirelessly to fight for what they believe in, this is the perfect example of a PR campaign with heart.


together for yes


4. There’s Nothing Dead about Deadpool’s PR Campaigns

Our favourite anti hero returned to the big screen this May, as Deadpool 2 was released on the May 16th  in cinemas across the UK. An instant success, Deadpool 2 has smashed the box office and become an instant hit with superhero and comedy fans around the world. But you don’t even have to have seen Deadpool to know all about Ryan Reynolds and his iconic red and black suit, because Deadpool PR stunts have been everywhere, and I mean everywhere. From Walmart being filled with Deadpool dvd versions of classic films, to David Beckham promoted micky take videos, to partnerships with Trolli to create a range of ‘Sour Brite Tiny Hands’ (a nod to a popular joke within the first film), to fake LinkedIn pages popping up for the characters, Deadpool’s PR time have worked overtime to redefine PR for the movie business.


deadpool pr stunt


5. Heathrow’s PR Stunts Are FORCEful

As one of our favourite movie franchises of all time, we couldn’t roundup May without mentioning Heathrow’s brilliantly simple, yet incredibly effective Star Wars PR tribute. To celebrate May 4th (international Star Wars day – yes that is a thing), the London airport posted a rather unusual set of flights on their departure boards. With destinations set to ‘The Death Star’, ‘Hoth’, ‘Jaku’ and more, Heathrow brilliantly used popular culture in the best way possible to grab the attention of the public in a fun and memorable PR stunt that was truly out of this world.



So that’s all from our PR roundup for now folks! If you’ve been inspired by any of these PR stunts and are looking to build up your company’s online presence, then reach out to our PR team today and we’ll help you take your business to new heights.