what happened in digital marketing in december 2018?

The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in December 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to our last Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up of 2018! The presents have been opened, food has been consumed (A LOT of it!) and kisses exchanged as Big Ben hit midnight. December saw Ariana Grande have the biggest YouTube launch ever with her new song “Thank U Next”, Luka Modric won the Ballon d’Or instead of usual winners Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi and Cambridge Dictionary announced that the 2018 word of the year is Nomophobia – the fear of being without your mobile phone! As Father Christmas delivered happiness to all those on the good list, the world of digital marketing still had its share of goodies. 2019 is here but grab a cuppa in that new mug of yours and look at December 2018’s happenings in SEO, PPC and Social Media.

1. The future is bright for Voice Search 

Did you buy gifts using your Amazon Alexa in the build-up to Christmas? With users taking to Alexa 3x more than 2017 to purchase presents, we have reached a point where voice tech has really arrived. The shipments of smart speakers grew 137% during the last quarter of 2018, as more people embrace a smart home. Optimising your website for voice search has become even more vital for 2019. 

voice search reaches new heights


2. Twitter lists its best campaigns of 2018 list

When used effectively, Twitter is the perfect compliment to any marketing campaign. The social network highlighted the most effective of those. Brands including Heinz, Budweiser and NBA feature. This list features not the most successful campaigns, but posts that utilised Twitter effectively. Find out more here and get tips for your Twitter marketing strategy.

best of twitter 2018


3. We took a look back at the SEO Trends of 2018

SEO, much like life, goes through many trends. Strategies are used for a time before being replaced by newer tactics. 2018 was no exception, so we had A Look Back At The SEO Trends of 2018 and compiled them just for you! From the rise of SERP features to Voice Search Optimisation tactics, we covered it all!

seo trends 2018


4. Featured Snippets can now jump to the section of content it is sourcing

Featured Snippets are goldust in terms of SEO and any new update is welcome. The latest update shows that Google Featured Snippets jump to the section is it sourcing. This is only on mobile search that features AMP (Accelerated Media Page) content. It will be interesting to see the effects on conversion rates on sites. Keep an eye on your metrics as we start the year!

featured snippet highlight
Source: SearchEngineLand


5. New Call-to-Action extension for Video Ads

Google unveiled its intention to Roll Out New Call-to-Action Extension For Video Ads. There was little detail offered on the new feature, aside from the extension being applied to TrueView in-stream ads, and will later be added to Bumper ads and TrueView video discovery ads. The extension can be used to drive awareness of a campaign rather than a push for clicks and conversions.

new cta in video ads


6. We looked into our crystal ball to predict 2019 Social Marketing

Social Media will continue to be a vital resource for digital marketing in 2019. However, campaigns need to keep evolving to drive conversions. What do we expect to see from social marketing during 2019? From CEOs getting more social to live video content, find out more in our 6 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2019.

social media predictions for 2019


7. Social Media now surpasses newspapers as a primary news source

It appears the print newspaper is now behind social media as the go-to place for news. That’s according to a study conducted in the United States. With 43% of users getting their news from either social media or news websites, it makes online content all the more important. We expect a survey in the UK would garner similar results.

social media overtakes newspapers as go-to source


8. Websites can now be built entirely with AMP

Building websites on WordPress has got even better with the release of The Official AMP for WordPress plugin. This allows for websites to be built solely with AMP. This eliminates the need for duplicate versions of each page to be created. Site owners should carefully consider choosing this option as there are still limitations created a site this way.

AMP can be used to build websites


9. We compiled the complete Technical SEO Glossary

Technical SEO jargon can be complicated. If someone was to ask you about your Hreflang or the difference between Alt text and Anchor Text, you might not have the answer. However, our tech wizard Liam McCarthy compiled a Glossary of SEO Terms to help you out.

technical seo glossary


10. Google launched a fun 2018 Search Trends Game

Are you not ready to let go of 2018 yet? Give Google’s fun 2018 Search Trends Game a go. Using search data from the whole of 2018, Google has devised questions related to the year’s trending searches. Collect points, share your score but don’t get three answers wrong or the game is up!

google search trends game