The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in August 2018

The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in August 2018

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Hello and welcome to another instalment of Ricemedia’s Digital Marketing Round-Up! August is over which means we are on the fast-track to Christmas – you can start planning those presents now! Plenty of things happened in the world during August including Apple becoming the first American company to be valued at $1 trillion, NASA launching a probe to analyse the Sun, the Premier League kicked off for another season (Our own Ricemedia Fantasy League is well underway!), Danny Boyle pulled out of directing the next James Bond film and Coca-Cola bought Costa Coffee – A cola latte anyone? It was another busy month in the Ricemedia office as we welcomed three new team members – Heather, Helen and Rasna. Meanwhile, the world of PPC, SEO, Digital PR and Social Media Marketing continued to roll on by. It’s that time again to get comfy, grab a cuppa and find out what you missed in August!

1. Google’s latest Core Algorithm update affects medical and health content

Google started the month by rolling out a new update to their core algorithm. It was simply referred to as a broad, global, core update. However, after much analysis it was found that this update had a core focus on health and medical sites as well as Your Money Your Life sites. Rankings were hit and Google said there was no fix aside from creating a great experience and offering better content. Find out more here.



Google's latest Core Algorithm update affects medical and health content


2. We looked at SEO myths that refuse to die

The world of SEO has a lot of advice waiting to be tapped into. However, there are some methods still being suggested that will actually do more harm than good to your site’s rankings. Our Elliot was set with the task of exploring these SEO myths that refuse to die which you can read here.


SEO Myths Busted


3. Facebook redesigns its mobile pages to add Stories, Action Buttons and more

Facebook has added a range of new features to support local companies in driving more of their business through the social media site. These new features will allow businesses to add buttons for making a reservation, scheduling appointments or writing recommendations. Facebook is also extending its job application tool globally which business pages can use for recruitment efforts. Find out more here.


Facebook Redesigns its Mobile Pages to Add Stories, Action Buttons and More
PixieMe /


4. Google Ads now allows edits to Keywords, Ads, Campaigns and Bids from the overview page

Google Ads updates have been steadily made to the data visualisation cards aimed at surfacing campaign insights. These updates have been designed to make it easier for paid search managers to identify areas for improvement. Now, they can make updates right from the overview page itself. Find out how you can make edits to ads, bids, campaigns and keywords in Google Ads here.


5. We took some lessons in Marketing Automation from Drip

We are very good at marketing automation here at Ricemedia but we are always looking to evolve ourselves in all aspects of digital marketing. Through this evolution, we discovered this fantastic “school” of marketing automation by Ecommerce CRM experts Drip. Split into five chapters with over 20,000 words with a mixture of infographics, guides and podcasts, this education will take you through what marketing automation is, how it can be implemented and its future. We found it helpful and we think you will find it helpful as well. Discover this here.


We Took Some Lessons in Marketing Automation from Drip


6. New expandable Featured Snippets launches on Google

Google released the newest form of featured snippets to give users a bit more than just a simple answer to a question. The latest snippets have been designed for showing users more useful information about the topic that they are searching for. When a user searches for a topic that triggers this new format, they will get a selection of expandable snippets below the position zero snippet. Find out how this works here.


New Expandable Featured Snippets Launches on Google


7. You will soon see Google Images data in Google Analytics

A small update for Google Analytics will include a new item line for Google images data. Site owners and digital marketers may notice a drop in referral data because any traffic coming from Google images will move to this new line. This line will be found within the same section that houses sources of referral traffic in ‘Acquisition’ reports. Find out more here.


You will soon See Google Images data in Google Analytics
Kvitka Fabian /


8. Campaign Monitor Shared Some Great Email Metrics Tips to Improve Lead Nurturing

The experts at Campaign Monitor contributed to our blog with 10 Email Metrics to Help You Track For Improved Lead Nurturing. Email marketing itself won’t get you that far in terms of conversion rates without that all important tracking of results. So what metrics should you track? Find out in our blog.
Campaign Monitor Shared Some Great Email Metrics Tips to Improve Lead Nurturing


9. Google Search Console makes a change to Data Calculations

Responding to confusion in the way Search Analytics/Search Performance calculates total numbers for its graph, Google sent out a series of tweets to explain the details behind the changes. Before, totals for “query not containing” data included the sum of queries that were not tracked in Search Console. From August 19th, this would no longer be the case. Find out more about these changes here.


Google Search Console Makes a Change to Data Calculations


10. Search Console now notifies site owners about HTTPS Migration Errors

Speaking of Search Console, a new helpful feature for site owners and marketers is the notifications alerting site owners about pages that cannot be found. Site migration from HTTP to HTTPS is not easy without an expert with SEO knowledge. Google is always reminding site owners and webmasters that redirects must be set up for every page or else they won’t be found. Find out more about this here.


Search Console now notifies site owners about HTTPS Migration Errors

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