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How to Outreach to B2B & Consumers – The Best PR Tactics

Different industries require different PR and outreach strategies. Something that works really well at earning links and coverage for one industry,  may fall flat for another. It’s all about pinpointing the best tactics in the initial strategy. So without further ado, here are the best tactics to use for different industries. 

PR Tactics for business-to-business brands:

  1. Business to business PR requires different tactics for consumer based public relation strategies. One of the best tactics that can be used for B2B PR is to build your client up to be a respected commentator within their relevant industry. A good first route to take is to develop a bank of branded content behind them. This content can take many forms, such as video interviews and expertly written blogs. Should a relevant media request arise, you have the content ready to provide to the journalist.
  2. Another great strategic approach to take is to find guest blogging opportunities. By doing this it will help further cement your business as being a thought leader in their industry. The use of industry publications for this is one of the best ways to promote your B2B company to prospective and current customers.
  3. Finally, pushing out business news on your brand to your relevant industry press can yield a lot of relevant press coverage for your brand. Industry publications are based on your business news, so will more than likely be happy to take any relevant news relating to the trade.
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PR tactics for consumer brands:

  1. With consumer clients, we can take a more widened approach to outreach and PR. One of these approaches can be to conduct a third party survey to create newsworthy stories to push out to the media. These are great at earning press, as long as the news is new and interesting.  For example, if your business sells hair products, you could do a survey to find out how often people wash their hair, and separate the stats regionally – The press release could read ‘Only 24% of Brummies wash their hair more than twice a week!” 
  2. For businesses who sell products, creating a press release with the latest stock or offers each month to send out to the media will increase chances of being featured in gift guides and other feature articles. Even just by reminding the journalist of your brand name will mean they are more likely to consider you when thinking of brands to include in their articles.
  3. Outreaching guest blog articles is another great way to position your brand as an authoritative voice within their industry. Try and make content that is exclusive to the publication you’re trying to feature on, as no one wants duplicated content.
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These are just a few options to include in your Digital PR strategy, it’ll be trial and error to work out what is best for your brand, but once you’ve worked out the best ways to gain press coverage and links for your brand then this will improve your overall marketing. If you want some help with your business’s Digital PR Strategy, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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