The Best Google Doodle Games of All Time

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No matter how old we get, there’s nothing quite as exciting as turning on the computer in the morning to see a new Google Doodle. Providing the office with hours of entertainment and excitement over the years, nothing brightens up our morning like a cup of tea with a fun and interactive Google game.

As self-professed Google Doodle experts, we’ve compiled a list of our all-time favourite Doodle games. So if it’s the start of the week and you’ve got the Monday blues, why not take a few minutes out of your schedule and cheer yourself up with one of these fun and addictive Google games; you won’t be disappointed.

30th Anniversary of Pac Man Doodle – 2010

As one of the first interactive Doodles, this is the game that started our obsession. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac Man, the game took our favourite arcade character and allowed us to relive our childhood memories as we navigated the ins and outs of the Google logo, all while trying to avoid those pesky ghosts (which have got no less annoying over the years). Providing us with many a nostalgic memory, this Pac Man Doodle is a firm company favourite.


Google Doodle Pacman Game


Slalom Canoe Doodle – 2012

In honour of the London 2012 Olympics, Google created this classic but addictive slalom canoeing game. Allowing users to navigate the fast-paced waters of a river, while avoiding obstacles and trying to make it safely through as many gates as possible, it’s a classic athletic themed game that never fails to hit the mark. A simple but addictive Doodle, this sporting game is a must for anyone looking to chill out after a particularly stressful morning.


Slalom Canoe Google Doodle Gif


100 Years of Crosswords Doodle – 2010

There’s nothing we love more than relaxing with a piping hot cup of coffee and settling down to do a good old-fashioned Sunday crossword. So when we saw this crossword Doodle celebrating 100 years of our favourite newspaper puzzle, we were sold within seconds. Challenging and at times even downright difficult, this game is a strong team building exercise, with everyone pitching in to complete the puzzle. If you’re feeling particularly sharp and quick-witted today, why not give it a go and see how far you can get?  


Google Doodle Crossword


Mother’s Day Doodle – 2013

If you’re after a more relaxed and easy going Google Doodle experience, why not try this adorable Mother’s Day tribute from 2013? A charming little game, this Doodle allows you to create your very own unique Google logo. Set in a factory, the game features cute animations and involves making decisions on various colours and patterns to create your individual end result.  Perfect for a few minutes of fun, this is a Doodle that charms us each time we play.


Mother's Day Google Doodle 2017

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Doodle – 2013

Based on the classic and beloved British television show, the celebratory 50th anniversary Doctor Who game is everything we love about Google Doodle summed up into one. An intriguing mini puzzle game, the Doodle follows 6 levels where the Doctors over the years face Daleks and traps on a quest to find all the letters of the Google logo. Fun, compelling and at times infuriating, this is a Google Doodle that’s simply out of this world.


Google Doodle Daleks


Eiji Tsuburaya’s 114th Birthday Doodle – 2015

Celebrating the master of monsters, this Google Doodle honours the career of Eiji Tsuburaya and the Hollywood art he created through his incredible filmmaking skills, particularly in regards to his famous monster movies. A fast-paced and fun game that allows you to create your very own monster film, this is a scarily good Doodle that’s not to be missed by any film fan.


Eiji Tsuburaya’s 114th Birthday Doodle

155th Anniversary of the Pony Express Doodle – 2015

This addictive Google Doodle is a classic obstacle racing game that you can play again and again without getting bored. Launched in celebration of the Pony Express (a horseback mail delivery service created in 1860), the game has three levels and involves navigating your horse and rider through treacherous terrain, while simultaneously collecting as many letters as you can. A compelling and addictive Doodle, we recommend playing this if you ever need to inject some fun into your morning.


155th Anniversary of the Pony Express Doodle

Halloween Doodle – 2016

Getting to wear fancy dress while eating our weight in chocolate? Halloween may possibly well be our favourite time of year! And what makes it even more fun? Google has a reputation for making incredibly fun and addictive Halloween themed Doodles, and last year was no exception. Armed with a wand, you play as a magic black cat, battling ghosts in a bid to save your friends. An entertaining and fun themed game, we can’t get enough of Google’s spooktacular Halloween Doodles!

Halloween Doodle - 2016

Valentine’s Day – 2017

Love was certainly in the air for Google on Valentine’s Day 2017. Leading up to the special day, Google decided to put together this adorable doodle series that was only available on mobile. The animated game told the story of a pangolin – the world’s only scaly mammal, in desperate need to make a dessert for his sweetheart. Players on the game were invited to lead the animated pangolin across the Ghana landscape, collecting cocoa beans along the way. At the end of the game, players can share their efforts on social networks or click a heart icon that displays facts about the pangolin. As a whole, the game was also part of a campaign to raise awareness for the endangered pangolin and other endangered species.

Playful Halloween Doodle – 2018

If 2016’s Halloween Doodle wasn’t enough, Google outdid themselves this next year by releasing their first-ever interactive, multiplayer game. Players were invited to play with up to seven friends, family or randomised players across the globe to play their very own version of Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel! The Google Doodle Game worked by seeing how many wandering spirit flames could be collected before the moon is gone, whilst trying to avoid all the unexpected twists along the way. Talk about #SquadGhouls!

Celebrating Garden Gnomes – 2018

There’s no place like Gnome! This adorably popular Google Doodle Game was released in 2018, just in time for Garden Day in Germany. The game celebrated everyone’s favourite whimsical garden feature: the garden gnome! Using your trusty catapult, it enables you to launch gnomes into the farthest reaches of the virtual garden. The game also allows you to choose between six colourful gnomes, all with their own special attributes. The farther your gnome travels, the more flowers you plant!


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