Why Should You Have An SEO & Social Media Strategy?

Social Media and SEO work together to increase website traffic. The goal is to naturally attract visitors through valuable and relevant content that will ultimately get you conversions. Social media marketing has given businesses a new, simple platform to discover new audiences and to share content and products globally. Team this will a strategic SEO campaign and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Google algorithms are now believed to account for social interactions, including shares and likes, suggesting that building a strong social media presence could aid your SEO visibility. But how can you get your organic search and social media strategies to work side by side?  Let us show you:

Social Link Building

As Google algorithms continually update, it’s becoming increasingly harder to obtain high quality links, so you need to think outside the box and think social. Building up a social network can help to share your content across multiple social platforms, giving it more visibility and more potential to naturally build links.

When crafting your social messages, ensure your content is compelling and original though: you want to build trust with your audience and get them to interact with and share your content, which will ultimately lead to an increase in site traffic.

Grow Your Followers

Grow your followers to improve your traffic: it’s that simple.   The more people who are seeing your content and social posts, the more potential visitors to your site your have.  You want your followers to be your target audience and be engaged, so keep them coming back for more.

The benefit for SEO is that the more popular your site appears, and the better the user behaviour on the site, the more chance you have of ranking well.  A site with a high Bounce Rate will seem unpopular to Google, whereas a site with strong traffic that remains on the site will seem quality.

Build Your Customer Reviews

67% of consumers are influenced by customer reviews. Online reviews have a considerable impact on our decision-making process. EMarketer identified that consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted than manufacturer descriptions. A combination of positive and negative reviews helps to improve consumer trust as content does not appear fake. However if a business is associated with more negative reviews, it will directly influence the consumer perception of the brand and they will be less inclined to convert.

Local Search

Local search can help your business to engage within a local community. Social media is a great opportunity for businesses to send local-specific signals to relevant location based networks. Mobile phones are fueling our local searches, so it’s import to keep your company data up to date across all local business listings. To make your business more visible in location based searches, actively involve your business within local events or shows. This will increase your chance of appearing in a local search as Google will detect the relevancy of your company.

Increase Brand Awareness

Drive your SEO and improve your social awareness. Increasing your engagement and creating high quality content will result in an improved brand presence. Building your awareness, will lead to more branded searches and the potential for even more traffic. A successful social media campaign understands who their customer is, resulting in better optimised and targeted content and engagement.  Think about your customer’s pain points and how your product/service can solve them, but most importantly: Be human!

Social media and SEO both play an integral part into your business’s online strategy.  If you’re interested in knowing how Ricemedia can improve your business’s social and SEO campaign, then feel free to get in touch with us today.


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