why is seo important for your business in 2017

Why is SEO Important for Businesses in 2017

You may think that once your website has been optimised a few times, you’re in the clear and you can hang your SEO hat up for good. However, SEO is always evolving and adapting to the online world around it, meaning keeping up with the times has never been more important.

Whether your visitors are using their mobile or browsing on a tablet, you want your website to be reaching the top of the SERPs whilst receiving the highest amount of traffic possible. Still not convinced? Let us explain why SEO is still important for businesses in 2017.

Google Algorithm Updates

As we know, Google likes to roll out its algorithm updates in order to keep sites on their toes and within the best practice in the online world. With each new algorithm update, a constant focus tends to reward sites with high quality, relevant content that adds value to your website and engages the reader. Although Google Panda’s initial roll-out was back in February 2011, its effects are still impacting sites today, so making sure your content is fresh and informative is key. It’s also beneficial to your keyword strategy in order to help your business when competing with others and stay at the top of the SERPs.


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Voice Search

The chances are we’ve all done a “Hey, Siri” at some point in our lives and, as technology advances, voice search will continue to develop and become a bigger part of our lives. By the end of 2017, VoiceLabs have predicted that 24.5 million voice-first devices will be shipped worldwide, suggesting that there’s no better time to invest time and effort into voice search. Even in our homes, we’re now turning to assistive technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo to take over from our smartphones. The attractiveness of voice search comes from the ability to have a more conversational exchange with your device, whilst still being able to command an action or gain your desired information.

With this in mind, the approach to SEO changes in order to adapt to the much more natural types of searches is being made. For example, thanks to location services, results tend to be more locally focused, creating big opportunities for local businesses to get noticed. Because of their conversational nature, search queries are also longer and, in turn, call for long-tail keyword research to be carried out in order to mimic how real people talk.


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Answer Boxes

In simple terms, the main purpose of a Google Answer Box is to answer a question directly. This handy box appears above the organic results at the very top of Google’s SERPs and will usually contain an image and snippet from the chosen site. Knowing how to appear in Google’s Answer Box is essential but so is the ongoing SEO behind it. The trick here is to constantly be monitoring what those searching within your industry are actually searching for. Do they include long-tail keywords or perhaps a specific question which is relevant to your services? If you can continually think like your users and optimise your content to fit in with these processes, you’ll have a stronger chance of showing in the Answer Box.


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The Verdict

If you’re wondering whether SEO is still important for your business in 2017, think of it in this way: as long as people are using search engines, SEO will continue to be relevant. The online world is forever changing and progressing so your efforts should mirror these advancements in order to maintain and improve your site.

If you’re still unsure about SEO, get in touch with a member of our expert team and we can help steer you and your site in the right direction.

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