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Organic SEO & PPC strategy to increase sales & revenue for Superdry

Our insight into how we helped a globally recognised fashion brand achieve a sales spike through organic SEO, PPC management and CRO development.


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Superdry is an international clothing brand, with a presence in the UK, the US and Europe. The brand is synonymous with urban fashion and contemporary lifestyle clothing, with its signature designs of brightly coloured t-shirts and chinos. Superdry’s approached our agency with a view to enhance their SEO performance and improve content quality across all of their channels. They also noted that driving more traffic (both organic and paid) through to their website and increasing conversion rates were of primary importance.

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The Client

At the time of our partnership, Superdry had recently launched a brand new e-commerce site to support their brand’s online presence and our requirement was to streamline their online marketing proposition, ensuring maximum exposure across a multitude of disciplines. The project covered organic SEO, PPC management across Google, Facebook, Bing & other platforms, and a re-positioning & branding overhaul of their social media collateral on Twitter & Facebook. Our advanced Analytics implementation also provided superdry with a transparent measurement for true ROI figures across all mediums.

Our SEO Strategy

The first step was to implement on-page optimisations across their site, starting with product page and category page optimisations Optimising these pages for better search engine visibility would allow users searching for general clothing or accessory categories to see Superdry’s landing pages much higher on the SERP, which will almost always lead to an increase in conversion volume.

We also conducted a technical SEO audit and began to implement search engine optimised meta data for each page on the site. This would help us get more keywords ranking and increase our search engine visibility.

As part of our omnichannel brand awareness strategy, we also focused on brand repositioning through social media marketing, handling the production of creatives for their paid social campaigns, as well as the management of their organic social media channels.

Our PPC Strategy

We launched and monitored several high-performing Google Shopping PPC campaigns for Superdry which saw us managing their PPC budget entirely, as well as building their keyword campaigns and improving on existing campaigns, optimising budget and audience targeting where necessary.

Superdry had worked with various PPC agencies over the years and they let us know the results of their campaigns were mixed and inconsistent, at best. We formulated a structured, formulaic and measurable approach that would allow the client to monitor their campaign results through weekly performance reviews and frequent budget optimisations.

Our approach was to build out both branded keyword campaigns and broad match campaigns for specific product categories, based on Superdry’s brand and product information, in order to target relevant audiences with quality ads. We also optimised the landing pages for each of the products we were promoting in order to increase conversions. We used Google Analytics to track traffic sources, conversion rate, bounce rate and average session duration as well as sales figures.

We managed all aspects of the campaign including budget allocation, ad copy creation and setup (including creating new ads where necessary), keyword bids and audience targeting optimisation. We used AdWords Editor to edit keywords lists and set daily budgets based on their allocated budget each day – making sure that there were no days where they spent too much money or too little money compared with what they had allocated.

The Results

One of the most significant results was an increase in organic visits to their new eCommerce site by over 200%. This was largely due to SEO-focused on page content optimisations, which made category and product pages easier to find, as well as the creation of blog content and link building activity that massively increased their domain authority.

As a result, conversion rate optimisation for the website also improved greatly. A 130% increase was achieved through data-driven changes like reducing the number of steps required in checkout and incorporating much stronger CTA’s on target landing pages, the offered greater purchase incentives to site users.

Sales revenue also increased significantly – by almost 60% – due to an increased number of visitors converting into customers. Additionally, Superdry saw its social media engagement soar with over 500k more impressions YoY, a brand awareness boost the client was particularly thrilled with!


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