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Organic SEO & PPC strategy to increase sales revenue for Kurt Geiger

How our monthly SEO Optimisation and PPC Campaign Management generated more revenue & sales for one of the UK’s most iconic fashion retail brands.






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Fashion retailer Kurt Geiger is one of the UK’s most iconic brands, known for their highly stylised shoes, bags and accessories. They have over 70 stores across the UK and Ireland as well as an ecommerce site that sells internationally. But in order to further increase their sales online, Kurt Geiger needed to find an agency with proven experience to help them with their existing SEO performance and PPC strategy.

Credit: Kurt Geiger

The Client

As a leading luxury clothing brand, Kurt Geiger was seeking to increase traffic to its ecommerce site in order to drive a higher volume of sales. The brief was simple – increase PPC conversion rates and customer loyalty through campaign targeting, as well as to grow brand awareness and online presence through ongoing organic SEO work.

The aim of this strategy was to encourage people who have never shopped with Kurt Geiger before to visit their website and make a purchase, while also incentivising those who have already shopped on the site to come back and make more frequent purchases.

Ricemedia worked closely with Kurt Geiger’s internal marketing department, which gave our copywriters and content strategists a general direction for producing unique pieces of content such as blog posts and infographics. The freedom we were given in handling SEO content creation was vital, as it allowed us to focus more heavily on creating quality content that we knew would drive more organic visits to their site, thanks to our years of experience in organic search optimisation projects.

Our SEO Strategy

In the case of Kurt Geiger, our primary focus was to position ourselves as an extension of their in-house marketing team, writing SEO optimised blogs and completing regular competitor analysis pieces to highlight opportunities for on page content optimisations in accordance with industry trends. Keeping our finger on the pulse of their performance data was crucial, due to the stiff competition for market share in the fashion retail industry. We provided them weekly reports that closely monitored SEO activity for success and opportunity for improvement.

As part of our monthly SEO housekeeping, we ensured that all metadata on site followed best practice as is relevant to the on page content and target keywords were incorporated. We frequently reviewed backlinks for any suspicious activity or links that could be harming their reputation or rankings. Our technical SEO team disavowed questionable links and wrote new ones for them using our proprietary link building process.

We endeavoured to increase their store reputation by implementing a sophisticated category lead outreach strategy. In the past, they had worked with agencies who used a more traditional approach to managing their online reputation but they were not getting the results they wanted. Our PPC management team developed an advanced campaign that involved increasing engagement with customers through social media, building a community of loyal customers, and engaging with those customers in real-time.

Our PPC Strategy

Following a review of their account in our initial audit, it was clear that a partial restructure of their PPC account was necessary, in order for us to manage and optimise their large number of campaigns in a simpler way.

We studied the data in the account and performed a thorough audit of the current structure and strategy. This included refining their audience targeting, reviewing their ad copy and creating multiple iterations of search ads using assets provided by Kurt Geiger. We then closely monitored the results to ensure that we were achieving the best possible ROI for them, scaling spend for high performing campaigns and reallocating the budget for those that were underperforming.

The Results

In just a few months, we helped Kurt Geiger grow their organic traffic by 18.48%, increase the conversion rate by 34.51%, and increase the average order value by 31.96%. We also saw a significant increase in the volume of number-one ranked keywords on product and category pages, which helped boost the brand’s search engine visibilty and ultimately reach more customers to grow their online revenue.

The project was a great success and the client saw an increase in revenue of over 602.37%, just a year into our partnership. The key to this was the collaboration between Ricemedia and Kurt Geiger’s in-house marketing team, who were able to monitor data driven metrics to ensure this process was followed through and maintained throughout.


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