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SEO & PPC Strategy that sparked a sales & revenue boost for BOX

How our successful SEO strategy & PPC account restructure generated and increase in sales and revenue for a leading online retailer of tech products.


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BOX is an online retailer that has served as one of the UK’s leading providers of tech products since its inception. BOX, being an online eCommerce retailer themselves, understood the importance of having an established and thriving online presence and they came to Ricemedia with a clear vision of their aims for our partnership.

The Client

BOX wanted Ricemedia to help increase their ranking for many of their priority keywords, increase organic traffic to their website and increase revenue overall. Since Ricemedia began working with BOX, they have seen a significant increase in their organic traffic and Google rankings. This has resulted in the creation of more leads and sales through the BOX website. We also provided ongoing technical SEO services for BOX to strengthen their domain authority.

If BOX wanted to generate more revenue and increase the number of sales and traffic volume going to their website, they were going to need a highly targeted SEO and PPC strategy that could deliver on their lofty target.

Our SEO Strategy

In order to improve their SERP (search engine results page) results, we began to rewrite their on-page content to match best practices for search engine optimisation, based on keywords that had dropped off or decreased in rankings. In addition to our content optimisations, we also focused on building on their internal link strategy within the site to allow users to find product pages easily and quickly, an essential component of any online retail website.

Our technical seo efforts also saw us ensuring all of their webpages had unique titles and meta descriptions so that search engines could better understand exactly what each page offered users (subsequently helping them rank better).

Following our organic SEO strategy implementation, BOX were able to attain multiple first-place rankings for high volume, priority keywords that directly resulted in a higher CTR and conversion rate for those mapped webpages, due to the synergy between the user’s intent behind their search and on page content on the ranked webpage.

Our PPC Strategy

Box’s PPC campaigns were in need of a refresh. Our task was to manage the improvement and implement changes to their Google Ad campaigns that would improve performance and increase revenue generated as a result.

We analysed their existing PPC campaigns to find where they were spending their budget inefficiently or not focusing enough on high-value keywords. We then developed new strategies and tactics that would drive greater results, including a focus on higher value keywords with actionable calls-to-action (CTA). Our restructure of their PPC account and campaign optimisation generated a huge increase in ROAS, with campaigns reaching as high as a 24:1 return on ad spend (for every £1 we spent on advertising, we were generating £24 in revenue), and BOX couldn’t have been happier with the results.

The Results

Needless to say, once our strategies were actioned, as our team got to work, it didn’t take long before BOX started seeing results. Their PPC performance increased by over +33% after only two months of working together with us, while they saw similar organic growth and a +28% increase in goal conversions shortly after that.

When we reviewed BOX’s YoY performance 12 months into our partnership, we were blown away by the results. In April of 2020, they saw a +195% increase in organic sessions, as well as a +176% boost in total clicks for their PPC.

This sharp increase in sessions led to BOX generating +192% revenue for the period, as evidenced in the +311% increase in overall goal conversions.

BOX were thrilled with the results and we were very proud of the work we were able to produce for them.


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