SEO, PPC Case Study

SEO & PPC strategy to increase revenue & visibility for ATS Euromaster

Providing a break down of our Organic SEO & PPC strategy that increased conversion rate and keyword rankings for the leading tyre services provider.


ATS Euromaster is a high street tyre retailer with over 350 centres across the UK. They provide servicing, MOT and mobile tyre fitting amongst other services.

When they approached our agency, they already had an existing SEO and PPC strategy in place, but they knew they could boost performance and ROIs by working with a specialist performance marketing agency and wanted our support on their current efforts. They also wanted help with the restructuring and growth of their website as well as increasing their online presence through infographics and customer engagement campaigns shared on their channels.

Organic Visits




Top 10 Rankings

 More than 2500

Google Ads CPA

Under £20

Credit: ATS Euromaster

The Client

With a primary focus on SEO and PPC performance boosting, ATS Euromaster wanted to increase their brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website through organic search and paid search advertising, in order to ultimately gain more market share. They were also very specific about wanting to achieve an AdWords CPA under £30. We knew we had a challenge, as we were tasked with attracting both new and returning customers, as well as continually increasing SEO rankings for products and services and keeping ahead of the curve for industry trends such as new tyre releases.

Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy was to target lower-hanging fruit through SEO (such as Jaguar Tyres), as these had a higher conversion rate. We completed on-page optimisations across a large majority of pages on their website and maintained general housekeeping of their website’s technical SEO, which saw us:

  • Adding schema mark-up to increase visibility in search engines
  • Improving internal linking structure and better-targeted keywords across their site
  • Removing duplicate content from the site (Duplicate content can be harmful for SEO)

We also completed frequent disavows of harmful and spammy backlinks, which improved their domain rank and authority. These optimisations delivered an almost immediate increase in organic traffic for priority keywords that were relevant to their website.

Our PPC Strategy

As a part of our SEO strategy we started off by targeting broad terms such as ‘tyres’ through Paid Search to enable high positioning and awareness on Adwords & Bing. We optimised ads based on performance, scaling spend for high performing ads and limiting the budget on ads that were overspending.

In addition to this we focused heavily on campaign restructure and ad copy optimisation, as these changes would help us better target our audience, building new audiences for broad matched brand awareness campaigns and retargeting previously engaged customers to encourage higher conversion rates for more conversion optimised campaigns.

As part of our Outreach campaign we devised a Road Signs quiz for ATS Euromaster and advised on infographics, resulting in a high number of shares including a link on Sykes Cottages.


% Organic Visits




Top 10 Keywords

The Results

Following the implementation of Ricemedia’s SEO and PPC services, ATS Euromaster saw an increase in organic traffic by over 23%. They were delighted to see their top 10 ranked keywords increase from 1800 to a staggering 2500+. The 18% increase in conversion rate could be largely attributed to our PPC campaign restructure and optimisations, which also led to a significant drop in CPA thanks to our keyword research and analysis. With these combined results, there was no doubt that we provided ATS Euromaster with a huge ROI and they were thrilled with our results.

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