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Platforms to Publish Content on & Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram; these platforms have quickly become some of the most important and heavily utilised tools within the business industry, and if you want your business to become a success, having a strong social media presence is an absolute must. But if you really want to get ahead of the game, you need to be utilising all the tools and platforms available to you, and not just the few most popular mainstream sites.

To help your business really make a name for itself and stand out in the digital world, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most underrated and underused digital platforms that could help boost your company’s rankings and internet presence.


Launched in 2009, Quora has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular forums on the internet, with over 40 million users. Modelled as a ‘Question and Answer’ styled forum – Quora allows people to interact with one another, discussing a broad range of topics that can range from the cost of avocados, to how to calculate income tax to comparing opinions on Katy Perry’s new haircut. With such a wide scope for content, Quora is the ideal place for businesses to establish and develop a repertoire with the public. In order to get the most from Quora, your business should interact with your target audience, weighing in on conversations, offering advice and even asking your own questions. By becoming involved with the public on a personable level, your business can quickly establish itself amongst the digital world.


Though significantly smaller than some of the other ‘bigger fish’ of the social world, Pinterest is still undoubtedly a hugely popular site, with over 150 million unique users each month. A unique hybrid of Instagram and Facebook – Pinterest allows users to find and ‘pin’ pictures and images onto their profile – creating a type of digital mood board that allows people to both collect ideas as well as showcase their own personality and tastes. Using Pinterest as a business tool can work very effectively in helping companies create their own persona and digital identity. Whether businesses use the site to post out pictures of their own products, showcase their new infographics, share inspirational quotes, or simply create a personality with humorous memes – Pinterest can be a huge catalyst for digital success.


The unofficial social hub for millennials; Buzzfeed is a rising internet star that has seen a massive increase in popularity since it’s birth in 2006. Marketing itself as a vibrant and colourful digital platform for young people, Buzzfeed is the perfect place for companies with a dynamic and more interactive business strategy. So get creative with compelling personality quizzes, hilarious articles and engaging polls and you’re sure to be onto a viral winner in no time.


Zoella, Pewdiepie, Caspar…although these names might sound like exotic spices you find in the back of your kitchen cupboard, they are in fact some of the world’s most popular YouTube stars. With over 1,300,000,000 users – YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms on the internet, yet is often overlooked as a business tool. In reality, YouTube has a lot to offer industries and can be an excellent platform for businesses who have a lot of visual content available to them. From tutorials to interviews, to behind the scenes footage – there are endless opportunities for companies to showcase both their content and themselves as a business. So find a structure that works for you and your business, and see the views roll in.


Perhaps one of the simplest and easiest platforms for businesses to use, Slideshare can reap the greatest results for your company, whilst simultaneously require very minimal effort. Slideshare allows people to share their Powerpoint presentation slides with the internet; helping people to share and exchange knowledge and ideas. This means that all those hours you spent putting together those perfect slides for your presentation no longer have to be wasted after a mere 10-minute board meeting, with Slideshare you can upload these sides to the internet and quickly establish yourself as the ultimate authority in your field.


Although Reddit’s layout may look simple and unassuming, don’t be deceived by its appearance, it’s perhaps one of the biggest online communities, boasting a staggering number of 250 million users, and 8 billion page views per month. If you are able to showcase your business effectively on Reddit, you could massively increase the traffic to your site, which in turn could push your company to the highly coveted Google top spot. In order to boost your business and become a leading Reddit user, it’s all about interaction, interaction, interaction. Lots of companies have used the site successfully by engaging their readership and developing online conversations and interactions.  Whether you’re a restaurant business asking users to share photos of their biggest food fails, an events management team posting a calendar of the top social events of the summer, or an online store utilising the space for customer feedback, Reddit has an innumerable amount of opportunities for all business types. So don’t miss out, sign your business up today and reap the benefits of this booming social hub.

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