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New Reporting Dashboard for AdWords Announced!

Each client has its own, unique set of reporting techniques and requirements, from determining which keywords drive the most clicks at an optimal CPA, or which ads perform best on certain devices and so much more. The downside to having to pull together such vast amounts of data, is the amount of time you need to put in to create such reports, from downloading the raw data from AdWords, to implementing it within Excel to be visibly digested by the client.

Well, Google is hoping to reduce the time it takes gathering all this relevant information for your client, by announcing a new reporting dashboard for AdWords. A place where you can bring together your reports and unearth insights about your clients. A feat that would normally take a fair few hours trawling through endless excel data sheets and pivot tables.  

Google AdWords Interface


What does the reporting dashboard do?

The new AdWords reporting dashboard basically allows you to create a customised view of your data based on your clients’ needs – Simple!

The dashboard gives you the flexibility to arrange your charts, tables and graphs in a way that’s more meaningful to both you and your client. A bonus is that you can savetables or charts that have already been created to this new dashboard, or you can start from scratch -whichever you prefer!

Interested in how your campaigns are performing in comparison to the previous year? As shown above, you can quickly select the data range you require to compare during your chosen period.  

Monitoring performance in one place

Gone are the days of having to click back and forth across different tabs and reports to get a comprehensive view of account performance. With the new dashboard, you now have all your important graphs, tables and charts in one place. You can see your impressions and CTRs by device right next to clicks by device as shown in the image above. This helps you and your client better understand the relationships between your data, and help identify patterns and trends for future campaigns and optimisations. There’s always a performance improvement opportunity waiting to be discovered, and this new dashboard allows you to quickly identify them and take action.


If you work with multiple people on the account, whether that be within your agency, or simply with the client, you can now build and review dashboards together, allowing for seamless collaboration.

Google Ad Words old dashboard

Why can’t I see this new dashboard in AdWords?

Don’t panic, the new dashboard was announced early September 2017 and is slowly being rolled out across all accounts.

Until then, you’ll have to stick with the current AdWords reporting tool, clicking back and forth to the data you want to see and report on … or you will have to continue manually pulling the raw data from AdWords and work on those pivot tables, so until this new dashboard is fully rolled out for everyone to use –  the struggle is real!


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