Monthly Roundup: 10 Things that Happened in Digital Marketing in September

There have been big changes in the world of Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC in September and it’s often difficult to keep on top. To help, we’ve rounded up the 10 biggest stories in Digital for you.

In this month’s roundup, we look how brands brace for the release of Facebook’s Dislike Button, how Apple Pay is changing digital marketing, just what programmatic advertising is, quick immediate wins to improve website traffic and much more.


The 90 Day Blogging Strategy

Screen-Shot-2015-07-03-at-09.09.37Whether you’re a veteran SEO or a budding blogger, you will come across Matthew Woodward’s site and the goldmine of information it is.

This piece, I do hate this saying but it’s true, looks at building a successful blog in 90 days. This 90 day blogging strategy looks at starting a blog from scratch and creating a successful blog that produces and outreaches high quality content and is rewarded with a loyal following. Read more

How To Optimise Your Social Profiles


Social Media Examiner, a must read for news and advice for social media, looks at optimising social profiles to be more searchable.

Valuable for both SEOs and Social Media Executives, this piece looks at simple but effective ways to get your personal or company’s social media profiles ranking high in google. Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising

3d Blank street advertising billboard on brick wall at nightProgrammatic Advertising or Programmatic Advert Buying has been called ‘The Future of Advertising’ but most businesses don’t know what it is or how it could possibly be useful to their business.

In Ricemedia’s blog, we give a clear and simple breakdown of Programmatic Advertising; how does it work, why it’s being called the future of advertising and why you need to know how to use it to grow your business. Read more


8 Personalisation Trends that are Reinventing the Buyer’s Journey

fruitWhether you’re an Ecommerce business or a traditional brick and mortar brand with a small online store, you will know about the importance of personalisation.

Hubspot have published an article which gives a great breakdown about personalised marketing, why you need to invest in it and 8 personalised trends and strategies to help you target your audience better.  Read more 

Google to Let Advertisers Upload and Target Email Lists in AdWords with Customer Match

google-logo-wordmark-2015-1920-800x450This is a big one, Google is now allowing advertisers to upload email lists to target customers and similar audiences through ads on search, Gmail and Youtube.

This is big news for digital marketers as the new product is called Customer Match, it lets advertisers upload their customer and promotional email address lists into Adwords. It is rumoured to be launched in Spring next year in a report by the Wall Street Journal. Read more

8 Insider Secrets to Growth Hacking your Blog

Jeff Bullas is renown digital marketer, blogger and speaker. He runs a great blog looking at digital, content and social media marketing, which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to improve themselves as marketers.

This month, he published a great post on growth hacking your blog. An excellent piece, it looks at developing growth, using metrics and being able to read trends and shifts in audiences. Read more

What a Dislike Button on Facebook Could Mean for Brands

8155144549_f82feb1d2c_b-blog-flyerIt’s finally here. Facebook is going to be adding a Dislike button. For some, it’s a dream but for others it’s a nightmare.

Econsultancy looks at how brands can brace for Facebook’s Dislike button, how much of an impact it will have for your brand and how it will change your social media marketing strategy. Read more

Apple Pay Is the Beginning of Future Marketing

WEB_Apple_Pay_HSBC_MastercardApple Pay has been released for over two months now and people are slowly getting to grips in using the app but already, digital marketers are seeing a shift in buying patterns.

Wall Blog was written piece, looking at how Apple Pay is affecting consumerism, how going mobile is shaping our spending habits and a new opportunity it is presenting digital marketers. Don’t ignore it. Read more


The SEO and User Science Behind Long-Form Content

content-planning-web-ss-1920-800x450A terrific piece from Search Engine Land, where Columnist John Lincoln challenges short blog posts, argues that this is not type of content people want to read and why it does not rank or convert well.

A great detailed article, Lincoln provides a very strong and valid argument to writing long content over short pieces, arguing from the point of view of an SEO and as an Editor. Read more


Secret Social Media Strategy used by 40 Experts to Promote their Blog

Age of Online have published a piece we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading and find very useful. They’ve compiled a list of 40 digital marketers, bloggers and digital gurus, sharing advice on growing and promoting your blog.

Much like a box of chocolates, you don’t really know what you’re going to get with pieces like this but there will be something that will be useful, make you think differently and cause an impact to how you blog.  Read more


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