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Monthly Roundup: 10 things that happened in Digital Marketing in July

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The worlds of Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC can change daily: so we’ve rounded up the biggest updates in July.

From Google Panda 4.2 ‘s arrival to a major increase in mobile advertising spend in recent years & Google’s hunt for a new SEO expert – it’s safe to say it has been a busy month for Social Media & Google alike. Find out what else has happened below:

1) Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out After Waiting Almost 10 Months

Panda 4.2

Google have finally announced there has been a new Google Panda update. Although many have not noticed this, it’s actually been happening slowly and gradually over the last 10 months since the infamous 4.1 update, which was rolled out on the 25th September 2015. Google said this has affected about 2%–3% of English language queries already, so make sure you keep a close eye on your website traffic & rankings.  Talk to us if you have any concerns about this, as we can help. Read More…


2) Marketers waste £485m a year on unseen ads and the problem is getting worse

marketers waste

Despite the ongoing force of online advertisements an astounding £485m has been spent and wasted on digital ads, as brands are overspending or don’t have a clear strategy in place.  Make sure you don’t fall into this bracket by checking the performance of your Programmatic ads and improving your Adwords account. Read More…




3) Mobile Search Spend Increases 71 Percent From Last Year

mobile search spend

With Google’s recent mobile updates, the demand for mobile optimisation is increasing by the day. If a company is not mobile friendly, your mobile results can be negatively impacted. So there is no surprise that paid search spending has increased by a staggering 22 percent for tablets and a whopping 71 percent for smartphones. Read More…

4) Google: mobile is ten times more valuable than marketers think


According to Google, mobile advertising is actually worth ten times the amount marketers think as it drives more offline sales than marketers are able to measure. They believe that marketers throughout the globe are underestimating the the value of clicks on desktop by about four times and clicks on mobile by as much as ten times. Read More…

5) Software firm Majestic launches Twitter app


Our friends at Majestic SEO have launched a brand new Android app, which will generate influence ratings for all Twitter handles and the new app will aim to provide instant influence ratings, based on 800 topics when scrolling through a Twitter newsfeed. The app is intended to give Twitter users instant data on the influence of other tweeters within the network, who have appeared in their newsfeed. Read More…



6) Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Native v Content Advertising

Fractl teamed up with Moz to determine the popular question: Is either content marketing or native advertising a surefire way to boost brand awareness? The collaboration looked at: the difference between the two advertising platforms,  what content clients request from content marketers & the average performance statistics.  It’s an interesting read that may change your thoughts on where to place 2016’s budget. Read More…


7) Google is dropping its Google+ requirement across all products, starting with YouTube

Bye Google+

It was announced on the 27th July that Google+ profiles will no longer be the identity of users in all Google products. This change will gradually take place over in the coming months and according to Google the first product which will be affected by the change will be YouTube.  The question is, does this suggest the end of Google+? Read More…



8) 15 Pro Blogging Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know

Blogging Tips

Our friends at Social Sprout wrote this fantastic article regarding blogging tips and what difference it can make to content marketing, SEO and social media campaigns. The article goes into detail about the different aspects of blogging you need to be aware of, in order to have a successful campaign. This varies from keyword research and the importance of them, all the way through to optimising your blog post. Read More…


9) Are Keywords Still Important in SEO?

Are Keywords Important To SEO

Here is a post we did back in May, which analysed whether or not keywords still had authority and were important to site rankings, site health and content market. This post links into a fantastic post written by Search Engine Journal, which actually confirms our thoughts behind the importance of keywords. The article discusses ideas and tips on how to optimise an E-Commerce Site, in order to gain more sales and this article suggests businesses should focus on one particular primary keyword for the page title, which is a really useful tip, many companies are not fully aware of. Read More…

10) Google is hiring someone to help improve its SEO ranking (seriously)

Want to work for Google!

This was probably one of the strangest articles to come out of the world of digital in July. Spotted online, Google announced they are looking for an SEO expert to join their firm and it got everyone scratching their heads. It is strange to think that Google, who have more control over SEO than any other entity around, needs a helping hand. With no particular exclusive requirements needed, it seems anyone with some SEO experience, should in fact apply for the role. So, if you feel you could fit the job specification, then why not go for it. Read More…


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