Monthly Round Up: 10 Things that Happened in Digital Marketing In October

It’s that special time of the month, where we look at all the big changes and developments in the world of Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC in October.
In this month’s roundup, we look at optimising your website for Christmas, see what Facebook’s search update means for marketers, is Google plotting a massive update of their ranking algorithms and much more. 

What Facebook’s Major Search Update Means for Marketers

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In Econsultancy, what really caught our eye was a piece that looked at Facebook’s major search update and how it will affect marketers. Before, when you searched on facebook, you could only search profiles and pages but in this new update, their search now includes posts by users. In case you didn’t know, Facebook currently consists of around 2 trillion posts.

Not just for social media managers and executives as this article gives an interesting look at what might shake up Facebook for marketers. Read more


Darling, We Need to Talk About Link Building (10 Ways to Commit SEO Suicide)

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This month, we published an article called “5 Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using But Probably Aren’t”, which, as the title suggests, looked at link building tactics that you aren’t using. Oddly enough another piece was published on Ahrefs blog, that looks at 10 link building tactics that are going to get you penalised.
A really useful piece that will explain what tactics won’t work and why it will result in a Google penalty. Read more

7 Copywriting Tips That Will Instantly Lower Your Bounce Rates

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Martina Mercer, a freelance copywriter and digital marketer, has published this wonderful piece for Moz; she looks at 7 simple copywriting techniques that will instantly reduce your bounce rates through improving your site’s user experience.

A useful article that will improve your copywriting skills and make your website more user friendly. Read more

How to Write a Perfect Cold Outreach Email: 5 Elements to Consider Before Hitting Send

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This is a useful article to have a read of before any outreach campaign. Whether you’re a PR pro or an apprentice looking to get ahead, this article breaks down the basics of composing the perfect outreach email to a stranger. Yes, it goes back to basics but when you see how many people get them wrong, this article is a great refresher and useful to check before clicking send. Read more

Rich Snippets: Everything You Need to Know

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Builtvisible published this fantastic guide looking at everything you need to know about Rich Snippets. By everything, they mean everything! If you know nothing about Rich Snippets, you need this as it gives a brilliant and understandable breakdown with Youtube videos and clear examples. Read more


Is Google Updating its Ranking Algorithms? Some Webmasters Believe so


In Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz discussed what many SEOs have suspected and fear, asking a very important question. Is Google updating its ranking algorithms? 
While we are all still feeling the effects Google Panda 4.2 as it slowly rolls out, webmasters and SEOs have been whispering and suspect there more to it all than meets the eye. What do you think? Read more


How to Optimise Your Website For Christmas?

The Christmas period is a busy time for many e-commerce sites, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday also generating a high number of sales: but how can you ensure that your website is prepared to thrive? With simple on-site optimisation tips, technical health and mobile updates your site will be more than ready to rank highly and generate those extra orders.  Read more 



Twitter Campaign Emerges Against TripAdvisor Following Amazon Fake Review Action

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The hashtag, #noreceiptnoreview began trending on Twitter with massive support from restaurateurs, hoteliers and retailers. All of this in response to the news that Amazon would sue 1,000 fake reviewers.  This was all aimed at TripAdvisor, the review led platform, for reviewers to provide a scanned receipt to avoid misleading reviews. Freelancing site has been called out for it’s users paying for good reviews.

A really interesting piece, every digital marketer would certainly like to keep an eye on this one and see how this plays out. Read more

Twitter15 Blog Content Ideas With Examples And Tips

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For content marketers, the content market is becoming very crowded with every business having their own blog and producing their own content. So how do you keep producing content to keep up with your competitors?
This blog post is great if you suffer from this as it provides actionable advice to help you streamline your idea generation. Whether you’re an individual blogger or a marketing team, you will find this useful. Read more 


SEO 101: 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About #SEO Friendly Web Design

Screenshot 2015-10-29 at 09.40.57
A useful article from Search Engine Journal for both small businesses and large what to keep in mind when creating an SEO friendly design. This article covers points such as being responsive, optimising your images and much more, breaking down how these aspects affect your site’s SEO. Read more 

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