Monthly Round Up: 10 Things that Happened in Digital Marketing in November

It’s that special time of the month, where we take a look at what’s new in the world of Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC in November.

In this round-up, we look at an in depth case-study on generating 11,065% more organic traffic in just 6 months, listen to a podcast on cutting the spam out of your lead nurturing, delve into two developments which may change SEO as we know it, and much more.

11,065% More Traffic In Six Months

blog1Robbie Richards published an interesting case study outlining the six steps they took which saw a 11,065% increase in organic over six months for a niche client. This case study gives you a complete look at their strategy, how they targeted niche keywords, their content creation plan and much more. This is a long case study but a must read. Whether you’re an SEO expert or a novice, this will help you. Read more.


How To Perform A Competitor Analysis


This month, Ricemedia looked at how you can perform your own competitor analysis. Whether you’re an eCommerce giant or a small business, information is key and this blog will show you how to give you an edge over your competitors. We look at competitors’ on-page optimisation, backlinks and how to perform keywords research. Read more.


50 Essential Blogging Tools

blog3bGet Response lists the best 50 blogging tools of 2015. We found this piece a great resource, just looking at the range of tools they covered. From multimedia and social media tools to keyword research and content creation tools, this article will give you a tool to cover any aspect of blogging. Whether you’re blogging for a personal blog or for a company’s blog, you will find something useful in this article. Read more.

Reddit: The Untapped Gold Mine for Curated Content


SEMrush posted a brilliant blog, looking at Reddit as a source for curated content. Reddit is a link sharing and community forum where users post, share and engage with one another, including some brilliant content. Also, it is a platform marketers ignore or don’t use enough as this blog goes into. Beside reading unbelievable stories, Reddit can be a great resource for content ideas, insight and much more. Christmas Marketing Stats To Increase Revenue

blog5Hubspot have produced this useful infographic, looking at marketing over the Christmas period. The infographic goes into a lot of detail, looking at the build up towards Christmas, when the standard customer begins their Christmas shopping and provides you with useful stats and facts that will help you generate more revenue this Christmas. Read more.


The Roadmap To Creating Share Worthy Content

blog6Kelsey Libert has published an interesting Moz article, sharing her personal experience in creating share-worthy content. She looks at current viral content and unlocks the secret in creating content which engages with your audience emotionally and turn them into advocates to your brand. A brilliant piece, it’s just fascinating read as she breaks down how certain content ignites viewer’s emotions and become share-worthy. Read more.

How To Build A Predictive Analytics Model


For most businesses, they won’t know what predictive analytics is or how to go about building a model for one, but as John Bates from Adobe goes to show you, this is not as complicated as you think. This blog shows you how to build a predictive analytic model and how it can give your marketing strategy an edge over your competitors’. Read more.


What Starbucks Red Cup Controversy Teaches Us About Negative PR

blog7Whether you’re a PR or Comms professional or just a man on the street, you must have heard of the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy. Well, in Inc, they’ve published an interesting article looking at how the coffee chain used that negative PR to their advantage and transformed their consumers into marketers. A brilliant piece, it breaks down how Starbucks’ team addressed the situation and altered their strategy, which resulted in a win. Read more.

Don’t Make Your Lead Nurturing Spammy

blog8One of the biggest things marketers try to avoid is sounding like spam. In a Call to Action Podcast, they address this issue and looks at whether your lead nurturing strategy smells of spam. Such a useful podcast, it’s a must hear, as it looks at how a spammy lead nurturing campaign can be doing more harm than good. Read more.


Machine Learning & Predictive Search – What Do They Mean For SEO?

blog9Here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for; Bruce Clay published an interesting piece looking at two growing developments that will change the face of search and SEO as we know it…. Machine Learning & Predictive Search… What are you waiting for? Read this.




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