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Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in Digital Marketing in June

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At the end of every month we like to reflect on all that has happened – from a really intense snap election to an amazing heatwave, June has been a mixed bag. Similarly to the entire Nation the office has been glued to their TV screens for their daily fix of Love Island, we’re wishing our very own Sophie Lowe the best of luck as she moves onto her new adventure, and our Head of Search Laura has had a mighty birthday celebration. We were also blown away by Ed Sheeran’s amazing solo performance at Glastonbury, and there were some amazing films released  – seriously, you need to go and see Baby Driver. We’re looking forward to July, as it is going to be a pretty big month. After all, we’re awaiting season 7 of Game of Thrones to grace our screens and we’re getting a new team member! June has also been an epic month for Social Media, Digital PR, PPC and SEO so grab a beer and check out these 10 great things that happened in Digital Marketing this month.


1. Facebook will notify brands if people clicking on ads are going through to their site.

This month, Social Media platform Facebook announced that they are going to provide advertisers with more information about site visits from users, following an ad being clicked, such as whether they’ve actually made it to the site and whether they’ve visited it before or not. Although these new landing page metrics may seem like they’re not much different to the current metrics, they will augment the link clicks metric by simply reporting the number of times the company’s site has actually loaded after the ad has been clicked on. More accurately, Facebook will count the site as having loaded once its tracking pixel has loaded on the page. We’re pretty excited to see what we can do with this information, and how it can help our Facebook Ad Strategy! Click here to find out more.

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2. Liam Told us Everything We Need to Know About Crawl Budgets

SEO is a complicated world – even more so when it comes to all things technical. Crawl budgets are a huge part of improving your website’s rankings for Google – but what exactly do you know about them? Out Tech Guru Liam broke it all down for us and explained exactly what we need to look for when it comes to getting your website crawled before it is indexed. Find out everything you need to know here.
Ursula crawling website crawl budget

3. Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users

This month Facebook announced that they have 2 billion active monthly users, which is pretty incredible. It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms (ignoring their failed ‘stories’ attempt of course), and this really is an incredible milestone! Facebook now have more users than the video sharing platform YouTube (1.5 billion), and they think this is down to the developing world’s increasing use of Facebook. You can read more about it here.


Facebook 2 billion active users social media


4. Google was hit with a $2.7 billion fine by the European Union

Major news outlets reported that on 27 June, Google was hit with an eye-watering £2.1 billion fine by the European Commission, after ruling that Google had abused their power by promoting their own shopping comparison service at the top of search results. This hefty figure was decided after they had confirmed that Google was distorting the market. But what does this mean for their competitors? For independent and smaller businesses this could make it a lot easier to rank, but it could prove challenging for more high profile brands. You can find out about it here.

Google fined £2.1 billion


5. Twitter re-designed itself

We all know Twitter has had a little bit of a rough ride over the last few years, and this month they decided a little redesign was in order. The solid gray icon became a lighter outline drawing, headers appeared in bold in order to help users navigate with ease. The home icon is still a birdhouse, sans the perch, and it’s got one hole instead of two. Avatars have become much more rounded, to help distinguish users from tweets. Retweet and Like counters update in real time, letting you watch tweets go viral. This still doesn’t do anything for their non-existent discrimination policy though… Check out more here.


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6. Kissmetrics gave us 29 behaviourally targetted emails to get inspiration from

Behaviourally targetted emails are a great way to get customers to complete actions, but deciding which ones are worth the time, investment and creativity are one of the most challenging parts of creating an email campaign. Kissmetrics gave us some of their favourite examples of branded email campaigns across a wide range of industries. We loved this blog as it has us some pretty sweet tips regarding what made these emails so appealing to the customer. Want to get inspired? Read on.


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7. PPC has overtaken organic search clicks in three out of four summer categories

Hitwise announced that in the categories: Furniture, Appliances, and Garden – clicks from paid search has overtaken clicks from organic search. Out of this, Wayfair and Amazon are the top retailers in the Furniture category, with all retailers in the top five pulling over half their traffic from paid search this year. In the Appliances category, paid click surpassed organic for the five major appliance retailers in 2017. Want to find out more? Click here.

PPC surpassing Organic digital marketing round up


8. Types of marketing automation for businesses to consider was discussed

Marketing has been around since people started engaging in commercial trade. From learning how to develop unique selling propositions and sales strategies to maximising the perceived value of their offerings, various channels such as print, radio, online and television have various ways to reach their audiences. Fast forward decades and the market has more marketing automation software to reach an audience with than ever before. Want to find out how to connect with your audience? Find out more here.


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9. Beth looked at 5 SEO trends you need to follow this summer

Society is ever-changing and progressive -it’s no different when it comes to SEO.  Search Engine Optimisation is driven by the public’s constantly developing wants and needs, as it continuously evolves to reflect the trends, technology and fads of the day. Our very own Rice Ninja Beth discussed 5 SEO trends you should be following this summer! Add your own here.


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10. Google announced they like Breadcrumb Navigation

We all know that Google loves sites with good navigation and user experience, so it is understandable that Google also likes breadcrumb navigation links. Letting a user know how they got onto the page that they are reading via breadcrumb navigation offers a great experience, and when Google likes this for navigation flow and for PageRank distribution, it makes sense to add it all in. Find out more here.


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