Monthly Round Up: 10 Things That Happened in Digital Marketing in December

Let’s have a look at our December Search Marketing Round Up! We look at 5 mistakes made with Google AdWords campaigns, is Newswire a dying service, becoming an accidental content strategist and much more in our December Round Up!

Three Ways we Failed at B2B PPC in 2015

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.50.46People enjoy talking about their successes and there is a lot to learn from them, but the best lessons come from failure, unfortunately.
Pauline Jakober of Group Twenty Seven, a boutique online advertising agency that specialises in Adwords and Bing Ad networks, was kind enough to open up about their failures at B2B PPC in 2015. A very open and honest article, besides looking at where they’ve tripped up on lead nurturing, ad spending and much more, this piece includes paragraphs which reflect on what to avoid and what to learn from this experience. Read more.


6 Quick Tips for a Successful Startup Social Media Campaign

20150810165227-ipad-social-media-facebook-instagramFor startup or any new business, it is an uphill battle to try and make a big impact on social media and start building a community. In this Entrepreneur article, it looks at how to kick off your startup’s social media campaigns the right way.

A short but thorough article, it covers all aspect of managing a company’s social media and makes vital reading for any social media managers, whether you’re a harden media veteran or a rookie; you will find something useful. Read more


The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing Automation

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 15.20.52 In this Venturebeat article, they look at the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing Automation and where agencies have gone wrong. A great article if you’ve been using mobile marketing automation for some time or new to this development, you will find this piece useful; looking at key points such as:

  • Not Just Focusing on Acquisition
  • Forgetting all you’ve Learn About Being Mobile Friendly
  • Ignoring your Data
  • And much more


5 Digital Marketing Quick Wins

ux-787980_1920 (1)In this Ricemedia blog, we look at simple, 2-hour actions that you can implement into your website, that will yield positive results.
In this blog, we look at chasing up unlinked brand mentions, optimising key landing pages, using sitemaps and more. These 5 quick wins will improve your website’s SEO, drive traffic and assist with your lead nurturing efforts, without eating into your resource and time.  Read more




The 10 Best PR Mobile Apps to Digitally Market Your Business

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.35.29

Blue Fountain Media have written a great article where they’ve collected 10 useful apps for digital PR professionals to help with marketing their business.

It is a great collection of useful tools, from apps that help you pitch directly to journalists and media outlets directly, to helping you keep your finger on the pulse; you will find at least one app useful and help streamline your outreach and digital PR campaign. Read more


PR in the Digital Age: Are Newswire Services Dying or Evolving?

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.29.59 Anyone working in Public Relations or Digital PR will know of Newswire and BusinessWire, the press release distribution services are almost iconic in the industry but do they have a future in Digital PR? Or are they on the way out?
Domenick Cilea of Springboard PR looks at how Public Relations has changed as it has gone digital, that information predominantly flowed through these services to newsrooms and bureaus. To start with it was great days for both services as businesses relied on them to get any press but those days are long gone. An interesting article that looks into how the industry has changed since those days and why Newswire needs to update themselves or be left behind. Read more


Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 09.30.09 This video from Koozai does what it says on the tin, analysing 5 mistakes made on Google AdWords by PPC agencies that they really shouldn’t be making.

These mistakes are simple, almost obvious issues that you really should not miss, but are frequently overlooked due to their simplicity.  What’s positive though is that once these errors are rectified you’ll see an almost instant turnaround with their AdWords campaign. Read more


Google: Demographics Not as Good as Intent (Search) For Mobile Targeting

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.25.17An interesting piece, this blog post from Marketing Land discusses how looking at targeting a demographic leaves large areas of your particular industry’s potential market ignored. Through using interest-based data, marketers should target on intent, rather building their campaign on, what is essentially, outdated stereotypes.
A great example used in the piece is how a large proportion of sporting and home improvement searches are made by women, yet those large percentages are being ignored. A very interesting piece and a must read if you want to look at the future of target marketing. Read more


Content Marketing – How to Write Consistently Good Weekly Newsletter

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.22.11A great article to help you optimize and streamline your email marketing strategy and weekly email newsletter, this blog post looks at planning your newsletter content, refining and timing the release of that content, how to make that sale and much more.

As well as a useful blog to drive conversion rates for your email marketing, you can simply change the word ‘newsletter’ to blog, podcast or other forms of content, and you will find the information in the blog implies to those mediums and content. Read more.


Writing for Goldfish: Confessions of an Accidental Content Strategist

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.18.14Josephmark’s Helen Dewar wrote an interest piece of how she accidentally became a content strategist and how the lessons she’s learnt.
Already a gifted copywriter, she discusses that transition from simply putting the content together to planning and developing a strategy. An interesting blog post, it looks at audience attention span, working with UX designers, developing content plans and much more. A must read. Read more


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