August Monthly Round-up 2016 Digital Marketing

Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in Digital Marketing in August

August has been a pretty big month for 2016, with the #Rio2016 Olympics and the 24th August being recorded as the hottest day of the year. However, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s been heating up this month – it’s been a brilliant month for the SEO, Social and Digital Marketing industry. So, without further ado, here are ten brilliant things that have happened in Digital Marketing this August.


The Perfect SEO guide for Google was created

Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up

Swiss web design and SEO company, Mad Lemmings released a guide on how to write perfect content and keep Google happy simultaneously, which is a dream come true! They discuss Google’s algorithm Hummingbird, the importance of keyword research and much more. I know we’ll certainly be trialling this out. Find out more here.


Pinterest Introduces click-to-play mobile-only video ads!

pinterest-video3-ss-1920 (1)

Last year Pinterest created a cinematic pin that would set a video in motion. Now, Pinterest has created a new mobile-only video ad, that differs from the conventional video advertisement. The video will start playing soundless frames as the user scrolls past, and they then have to click on the pin in order to start the add – unlike other social media feeds that start playing a video as it is scrolled past. Want to find out more? Then click here.


Twitter suspends 235,000 accounts in six months

August Monthly Round Up Digital Marketing

This month Twitter decided to ban anyone from using GIFs for the #Rio2016 Olympics, as well as deleting tweets surrounding #Rio2016, claiming that it was a breach of copyright. A few users found this unfair, as it is no secret that Twitter struggles to crack down on Twitter trolls and bullies. However, Twitter then released a statement saying that they suspended 235,000 Twitter accounts that were related to terrorism, with daily suspensions on an 80% increase from last year. Find out more here.


Moz lays off 28% of search in order to focus on search.

August monthly round up digital marketing

This month CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird released a statement saying that Moz was going to, “simplify our strategy to re-focus on what we love and what our customers value from us: search.” This means that there will be focus on building better search tools, which the were originally known for. Silver linings and all that! Read more here.


The Complete List of SEO Tools for 2016 was introduced

August Digital Marketing Round up 2016

From Link building tools to crawler tools, Backlinko released a list of tools to help SEO, from paid to premium. They’ve created a filter so that you can choose the perfect SEO tools for you! It is something we will be trying out in the future! Find out more here.


Google Updates Their Local business Review Guidelines

August Monthly Round Up 2016

Google’s business review guidelines have been updated, stating when you can use the Schema Markup and when you cannot. This means that when Merchants include third-party reviews that aren’t, “directly produced by your site,” they shouldn’t be marked up with Schema. Unless your reviews are directly produced by your site, and not from third-party or syndicated reviews, they should be marked up. Read more here.


A Complete Guide to Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird was released

August monthly round up 2016 digital marketing

Search Engine Journal divulged into the different parts of Google’s algorithim, from Panda, Penguin and Hummgbird. Hopefully, this means that we can create SEO friendly content that Google will love, and everyone will be happy. Interested? Well, find out more here.


Distilled Yearly Creative Round-Up 

August monthly round up 2016 digital marketing

Distilled has created a range of content that has seen the highest metrics they’ve ever seen. They took the plunge and tried a range of new materials and formats to test their content, and it has been really successful. This suggests that if your content is getting stale, and no longer reaching an audience you should try a few of Distilled’s formats. I know we’re thinking about taking that challenge. Have a look at these cool examples.

Facebook updated Algorithm to reduce Clickbait 

August Monthly Round-up 2016

It is music to our ears! This month, Facebook updated their algorithm to reduce click bait from people’s news feeds. They will be focusing on two main points, the amount of information in the head line, and how exaggerated the information on the headline is. Click bait, you will not be missed. Find out more here.


Google Tested Image Thumbnails in Mobile Search Results

Monthly round-up digital marketing

Google started testing image thumbnails in Mobile search results again, after trying it out in December 2014. Dan Smullen had tweeted Search Engine Land, showing it off. Hopefully, we’ll start to see more images in Google’s search results, which would be great for products. Read more here.

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