Feb Roundup

Monthly Round Up: 10 Things that Happened in Digital Marketing in February

It’s that special time of the month, Ricemedia’s Monthly Roundup of the 10 biggest stories in SEO, PPC, Social Media and all things Digital Marketing. Even though February may be the shortest month of the year, don’t expect it to be a quiet month.

Google To Shut Down Google Compare Products in US and UK On March 23

Yes, it is true. As of March 23rd, Google Compare will no longer be available to US and UK users. Whether the service will be relaunched as a different programme or be replaced by new service altogether, it is uncertain. For more, Search Engine Land’s has the latest.  Read more.

Facebook Reactions: Meet Facebook’s New Supercharged ‘Like’ Button


Screenshot 2016-02-26 at 13.14.43It seems Facebook is all a buzz about their new reaction buttons and there’s plenty of reasons why. A great blog covering this news is Buffer’s own social media blog and they have a fantastic breakdown of these new buttons as well as what it could mean for social media marketing. Read more.

Confirmed: Google to Stop Showing Ads on Right Side of Desktop Search Results Worldwide

Screenshot 2016-02-25 at 09.25.32

This just in: Google is no longer showing ads on the right side column in search results. Granted, there are two exceptions but this is big news. Now, users will be expected to see ads just on the top and/or bottom of the page, though there may be additional ads for “highly commercial queries”. Can this change how you conduct PPC? Read more.

3 Ways to Improve Your Google Display Ads

Fresh from Ricemedia’s own blog this February, we look at 3 ways to improve your Google Display Ads for a better PPC campaign and high ROI return. A short, helpful article, we look at 3 simple tasks to help you get the most out of your PPC. Read more.

8 Things I learned After Launching my First Podcast

As a big fan of podcasts and podcasting, I found this article a wonderful read as Heike Young looks at the she’s learned through starting the Marketing Cloudcast. Whether you’re planning on launching your own podcast or simply interested in podcasting, this article is for you. Read more.

Here’s How Many Digital Ads You Could Buy For The Price of a Super Bowl Commercial

This fascinating article by Lauren Johnson in Adweek looks at how many digital ads you could buy for the price of a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. From PPC and social advertising to influencer advertising and Youtube ads, this article makes you wonder, was investing in a Super Bowl ad worth it? Read more.

One Thing is Killing Marketing and Everyone is Ignoring it

Screenshot 2016-02-25 at 09.59.41


Fresh from the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi discusses what is causing content marketing to fall apart and asks why is no one addressing it? A brilliant piece that cannot be ignored; this in depth piece is a must read if you find your own strategy is not performing as well as you want. Read more.

3 Technical SEO Basics for Your Online Store to Boost Rank

In a nice, short, punchy article in Huffington Post, Allen Burt looks at 3 technical SEO basics to boost your shop rankings. From optimising content and descriptions to rich snippets and category pages, this useful blog looks at simple tasks that will give you results. Read more.

3 Social Media Engagement Techniques that Work

Are you stuck on a new social media campaign? Struggling to ignite engagement with your followers? Social Media Examiner gives an interesting study of three techniques that got results. Read more.

How to Optimise for Competitors’ Branded Keywords

There’s nothing sweeter than getting ahead of your competitors and getting ahead of your competitor’s branded keywords must be a very delicious victory. That’s why the ever insightful Rand Fishkin of Moz teaches us how to do just that. Read more.

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