10 things digital marketing this month

Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened In Digital Marketing In July

From Pokémon Go becoming a global phenomenon to the UK being appointed its second female Prime Minister, it has been a historical month for all. Amongst all of these life changing events, we’ve been keeping an eye on what’s happening in the Digital Marketing world. Here’s what we’ve found:


A new Google Ranking Study showed just how important links are for ranking algorithms.

10 things that happened in Digital Media in July


Links and how they factor into Google’s algorithms is something that has already had ground breaking research done by the likes of Moz  and Search Metrics.  But the more you learn, the more there is to find out. The Stone Temple Consultation team found that there was a nearly perfect correlation between links and Google’s ranking algorithm. Read more here.


Cross Channel Campaign Management is the future of Email Marketing

Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened In Digital Marketing In July

Long gone are the days of sending a one off generic email to create engagement for your brand. Customers now expect a consistent and personalised experience across a number of platforms, including email and social media. Find out more.


Pokémon Go presents a brand new opportunity for Digital Marketing.

10 Things That Happened In Digital Marketing In July

The Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go has taken the entire world by storm and consistently crossed many milestones. It was downloaded more times in its first week than any other app in history. Analytics firm, Sensor Tower has estimated that it has been download 75 million times worldwide. The success of this augmented reality app has allowed brands to recognise that there is investment in progressive technology that will entertain and engage with customers. Find out more.


The debate of keyword ranking and its influence on ROI began.


Columnist Winston Burton questioned whether brands should put so much emphasis on high volume keywords, as they have little effect on traffic, conversions and ROI. Read why here.


Solutions to unsuccessful Facebook ads


Bitly Content strategists came up with some quick fixes as to why your Facebook advertisements are not working.  Find out more.


Pizza Express Rolls out new Customer Booking experience.

Italian Restaurant Pizza Express employed a new automated phone and online table management and reservation system, that allows customers to book tables 24/7. Read more here.


MindLink announces next generation of its enterprise messaging software.

MindLink, provider of Chat Enabled Collaboration (CEC) tools for global businesses announced the availability of their next-generation software, redefining how important messaging and chat applications are essential and cost effective for any organisation. See here.


Paid Search Teams can learn from Organic Traffic.

10 things that happened in digital marketing

Organic traffic is a crucial part of any SEO & PPC campaign. Find out why.


Pinterest hires Snapchat’s Head of Ad Research, Gunnard Johnson.


Gunnard Johnson has joined Pinterest to become head of measurement science and insights, at a time when measurement is vital to digital ad sales. Read more.


301 Redirects no longer results in the loss of PageRank

Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened In Digital Marketing In July

Google webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes said that using a 301, 302 or 30x redirect of any kind will not result in a loss of PageRank. Find out why.

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