Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in Digital Marketing in April

April’s brighter days have provided the perfect backdrop for a hive of digital activity. From one of the biggest SEO gatherings in the country to celebrating the Ricemedia team’s achievements, it’s been a great month – go see:

The Best of BrightonSEO

This month, we tuned in to one of the biggest events on the digital marketing calendar. BrightonSEO is a must-see in the world of search marketing. A detailed and practical conference that engages and inspires. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from some of the biggest names in the game.

Check out the highlights, according to here.

Why do you need an SEO and Social strategy?

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It’s just not enough to simply acknowledge SEO and social media. If you want to make it count, you need to have a strategy.

Getting to grips with what you need to do in these areas is about creating all-important brand awareness, nurturing a valuable community, and ultimately increasing visibility.

See why we think it’s so important over on the Ricemedia blog.

The winners & losers of Facebook’s algorithm updates

Once again, Facebook have been shaking it up. They’re now not only recognising posts for their popularity, but for their quality. Meaning that it’s not all about clicks and comments, so clickbait is about to take a hit, whilst in-depth pieces have a chance to shine.

With any algorithm update, there will be winners and losers. Take a look at who they might be, according to Gareth Sloane.

When does link building start to pay off?


The long and short of it is – a new link won’t affect your rankings immediately. There’s no doubt though, that link building is something that you should be doing. When done right, it will pay off.

Want to know more about exactly when that might be? Read Kristina Kledzik’s blog here.

A history of Google updates

Google are in a league of their own, ever-evolving and constantly leading the way in the digital search world. Their innovative nature means they are always looking at ways to improve their offering and the way in which their algorithm works.

An algorithm update can ruin a brand’s digital position overnight. Luckily for you, we have an ear to the floor and can take you through all of their changes and what they mean. Take a read here.

Our visit to Aynhoe Park


Aynhoe Park is a wonderfully charismatic wedding venue in Banbury. Its eclectic interior is simply stunning, its brand message speaks loud and clear and it’s a pleasure to have them as a client.

To celebrate our recent work with Aynhoe Park, we were very kindly invited to spend an evening enjoying the venue. From crafting classic cocktails to enjoying stone-baked pizzas on the terrace, we had a blast. Check out this amazing venue for yourself.

How to grow your Facebook traffic

Facebook has long been hailed as an invaluable tool for businesses and brands; but for some, it can feel all a little too hit and miss. With algorithm updates and hard-to-predict followers throwing up some confusion when it comes to engagement, it’s becoming harder and harder to make it work.

Check out how Andrianes Pinantoan grew his Facebook traffic by 200% in 6 days.

Tips and Myths: How do you choose the right SEO agency?

How to choose the right SEO Agency: Tips & Myths

Search Marketing is an essential part of your mix, so you need to make sure it’s in the right hands. When looking for an SEO agency to steer the ship, there’s a few things to look out for. Smart objectives, transparent reporting and ever-evolving knowledge are up there as the essentials. Read more about what you should be looking out for over on our blog.

Scannable content is the way forward

We hate to break it to you, but your Content Marketing are going largely unnoticed. When people are faced with on-screen content, an alarming rate of them aren’t actually reading it. They are, at best – scanning. Of course we can blame the distractions of the screen, but there are a number of things we can be doing to improve the readability of our content.

Content is written to be read, so it’s time we stopped letting it go to waste. For a start, take a look at these 7 steps to improving your content.

A marathon moment for Meningitis Now

To round off this triumphant month, our very own PJ completed the London Marathon as a part of the Liam’s Smiles team, raising an incredible £20k for Liam’s Smiles charity who support Meningitis Now.

You can read more about brave Liam’s story here, and you can still contribute towards this worthy cause here. Well done PJ!


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