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Major Update For Mobile Ad Extensions – AdWords

We are well into 2017 and it is no secret that Mobile Search is a way of life for us Googlers. Over 80% of us won’t even leave our homes without our mobile devices and around 61% of users perform at least one search on Google once a day – that is a lot people!  

This may not come as a surprise, but Google recently announced further upgrades for AdWords, in the form of tappable Sitelinks and more “visual” ad content. A win/win situation for advertisers and search users alike.

What Are Tappable Sitelinks?

Tappable site links are exactly what it sounds like – links to the site that mobile users can tap on. Mobile Users will now be able to scroll and click through to deeper parts of an advertiser’s website. This allows the user to choose which Sitelink is more relevant to them, whilst being directed to a specific page. These pages, of course, are not automated by Google, they are chosen and written by the advertiser.

This is a huge win for advertisers, as previously on mobile if the Sitelinks could not fit the screen, they would simply and more frustratingly be cut off from view. So far, Google has reported that users who are served with tappable Sitelinks are twice as likely to interact with them compared to static Sitelinks – Woohoo!  

Do I Need To Change Anything To Get Tappable Sitelinks?

Nope – nothing at all. Google has rolled this out to all advertisers and now your site links will be in carousel form.

How site links look now tappable link

How Do Sitelinks Show On Mobile?

When your sitelink extension shows on a tablet or mobile device, it can show up to 8 links, which appear side-by-side on a single line in a carousel format. People can swipe left or right on the carousel to browse your various sitelinks. If your ad appears in the very top position, your sitelinks are eligible to show in a more prominent tappable row, with only one sitelink on each line.


Callout & Structured Snippets Update

I know you’re likely still trying to contain your excitement from the above announcement, but here is some more welcome news from the people at Google – Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions are also due an upgrade. Finally!

Right now, these two extensions sit below your Ad Copy, non-clickable snippets of information, which look rather out of place. They aren’t interactive either. However, Google has announced these Extensions are on the move.

How sitelinks look now

No longer will both these extensions site below your ad, but in fact – they will feature in line with your Ad Copy, in paragraph form. So, according to Google, this means that on average, more of your Callouts and Structured Snippets will be able to show more often with your Ad. Based on studies by advertisers currently signed up for testing these changes the results are that users are finding the Extensions more informative and interacting with them more.

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