Long Live Twitter’s 140 Character Limit!

The day has come, Twitter has dropped its 140 character limit – well, sort of.

Twitter has finally relaxed its short character limit. The company announced earlier this month that photos, GIFs, polls, videos and quoted tweets will no longer count towards your limit. While the longstanding 140 character limit isn’t changing, media attachments and quoted tweets will no longer count, so tweets containing these items can now be longer. A spokesperson from Twitters said that idea behind this is so that users will be able to, “Say more about what’s happening.”


Long Live Twitter Character Limit


The update comes after a year of rumours regarding Twitter’s plans to expand beyond its iconic 140 character limit tweets. This comes as part of a number of changes that Twitter has made in an attempt to make the site more welcoming and understandable for users, at a time when the number of active users is falling.

And while the changes may help users squeeze a bit more into their tweets, it won’t actually make tweets much longer. For example, photos used to take up 24 additional characters – so, while that’s enough for an extra word or two, it won’t have that big an impact on how much you can actually say.

Long live Twitter Character Limit

What do you think to Twitter’s latest update?

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